Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I love these Giveaways!! #kindlefire #mgtab

WOW!!! This is so Cool!
The first book in this image is mine.
She's so beautiful - my heroine - big sigh!!

Love to read steamy heartwarming romance?

All you need to do is enter this sweepstake.
It's easy...


Enjoy the chance to win more than 45 steamy, 

heartwarming romances from your favorite

award-winning and bestselling authors,
plus a brand new Kindle Fire!
Enter HERE
 The Grand Prize winner receives a Kindle Fire,
and all participating books.
One runner-up receives all books.
And... to make sure you have a gift today -
here's a free copy of My Cheeky Angel,
the first book of my Angels with Attitude Series.
From shy, lonely tomboy to hotshot businesswoman,
baggy jeans to suits and stilettos,
this story follows the journey of Annie Hynes.
She’s faced with one conflict after another
and is forced to cope with life’s challenges.


Will she eventually accept true love? Or… is she just too timid.


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