Sunday, December 25, 2016

Peace on Earth starts in each of our hearts! #mgtab

As this Christmas season rolls around, most years I’ve posted the same blog about how people rush through their lives and don’t take time or make the effort to stop and see the beauty around them.

And it’s still true today. We’re in such a hurry to go nowhere that’s really so important that we are putting ourselves in grave danger. Between the stresses of such an existence to the pure exhausting routine, we create unhealthy bodies, minds that don’t get enough downtime or nourishment and our spirits suffer greatly – as do our relationships.

And when I say we – I mean it. As a very busy author, this kind of routine has been steadily increasing for me and many of my frenzied friends.

So… here’s my challenge – not only to you but to myself – take time this holiday to really look around at the people in your lives. Appreciate them and their roles. Give them tenderness and an extra compliment and watch their whole attitudes lighten as they relax into your warmth and feel so much better about themselves.

Then reorganize your routine in your daily life and make sure to leave those hours where you can sit and watch some of your favorite programs on television. Or work on hobbies that you love. Be with your kids to just be… play with them, take them on walks so you can enjoy sharing and even more important – listening. Make a special treat for your husband or boyfriend so he knows you spent the time doing something just to please him. 

Thank whoever you believe in – be it God or Buddha or Mohammed or just the universe that you are living lives where you are blessed in having a roof over your head, fortunate to have food in your belly and lucky that you have people to love and who love you.

Give thanks that you’re not one of those poor souls in OUR world who are suffering untold horrors because of a man’s evilness. I often ask myself – how can one person (in every situation of immoral actions it comes down to one powerful person’s screwed-up priorities) endanger the lives of so many of our precious brothers and sisters around the world.

My wish for you is that this Christmas will bless you with joy and peace… and so much love that it will overflow to those nearest you.

Merry, merry Christmas my friends…

Happy holidays…



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