Thursday, December 29, 2016

Are you kidding me? Rejected again? #bookbub #mgtab

I just published my newest Special Agent book and I was so sure this one would get me a placement with Bookbub.
 I was sooooo sure.
Got my hopes built up…
Before I sent it in, I covered all the bases.
I mean the cover is fabulous. At least, I loved it.
And there’re four more in the series. Thought that would matter too… guess not!

I set up the Amazon book page and filled in every place where I possibly could, including the note from the Author. BookBub mentioned on their site, this would be a good thing to do.
I had three of us working on the back page blurb and thought we’d done a good job. Another thing they mentioned that might help them chose the book.
I priced it for $3.99, the same price I believe is reasonable for all my Undercover FBI  novels and when I asked them to reduce it to $0.99, I truly believed that was a good savings for anyone who likes to read suspense full of action and romance. Maybe I should have offered to put it to zero but… I truly thought lowering it 75% was a great deal. Besides, I’ve seen a lot of their choices reduced from $3.99 to $0.99 and so I felt mine was good competition.
Also, I was told they were more likely to accept books listed everywhere. So, I made this book available on Kobo, B&N, and Apple as well as Amazon. What that means is - it’s difficult to try and price a book listed everywhere to zero. First, you have to lower the price on all the other venues, and then hope Amazon will price match – and that they will do so in time for the promo. Not easy. And not always possible.  
I hoped that being able to say that I’m a NY Times & USA Today best-selling, award-winning author might win me more latitude when they made their decision, but it never has. I’ve always felt so proud of my achievements, and I’ve thought they should pay off somehow. Other promoters are happy to know they are promoting a listed author to their followers. Guess BookBub doesn’t care.
I’ve seen books they’ve promoted ranking way lower than many books I’ve submitted. Guess those particular attribute’s aren’t a deciding factor.
Still don’t know what is…??

It’s so frustrating…

Guess I just have to keep trying……


These are a couple of the reviews listed - the book was published on Dec 14th.

“I loved this one. There was so much action and suspense, and I connected instant with all of the characters. I also liked the surprise at the end. The story line flowed beautifully with numerous issues. I WANT BOOK #6!” ~ Reviewed by Amazon Customer

“I love this series by Mimi Barbour. Always a great storyline, plenty of page turning action and a sweet love included. So if any of these things interest you, try this book and be hooked.”~ Reviewed by Jane Austin

Excerpt: I wanted you to read the first portion of what BB could read if they looked that closely. I really did try and make this first section pop. To get the reader invested in the characters and start to care what kind of hellish torture I was going to put them through before they found their HEA (happy ever after :-))))


  1. Oh good grief Mimi! I feel your angst! Hang in there. You are so focused and organized. You did everything in your power and more. Something else will materialize, that's for sure. Rooting for you!

    1. Thanks, Jodie. I know you understand how darn frustrating it is when there's nothing a person can do but keep on trying... and you know me - I already sent them another submission :-))))

  2. What is with Book bub? Will they tell you what their issue is? This is a great story, it should be offered through their site.

    1. Wo! Thanks, Yvonne. That makes me feel better - it really does xo

  3. What's their problem? Obviously they don't know a good series when they see one. Smarten up BookBub!

    1. Yeah, Bookbub!!!
      Thanks for your kind words xo
      I'll just show them and submit to eReader News and a bunch of others :-)))
      Then I'll wait 3 months and try them again. I know - I'm a stubborn glutton for punishment!!

  4. Getting a Bookbub ad is like winning the lottery these days. I've submitted books to their site (even books they've featured a couple of years ago) and still no go. I submitted my regency romance boxed set reduced to .99 and still no deal. It's so frustrating! I definitely feel your pain.

    1. I know there're are a lot of us, Debra, and it's as frustrating for you as it is for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this year we'll break the bad luck chain :-)

  5. We are all after one brass ring or another. Hope BookBub realizes their mistake.

    1. Me too, Yvonne. It would be sooo nice to be one of the lucky elite LOL!! Even just once in a while... sigh!!