Sunday, October 2, 2016

“Love, Christmas” Blog Post #1 by Mimi Barbour #mgtab

Today it’s my pleasure to be the first to write a blog about my novella, Frosty the Snowman… one of the twenty brand new novellas in the “Love, Christmas” collection.

This book is dedicated to my winner in our earlier Christmas Carol Contest: Stacie Williams. Congratulations, Stacie. I'll be sending your book to you on Oct 18th - as soon as it's released.

You’ll probably notice on the cover that we wrote Snowpup over Snowman in the title. There’s a very good reason why I chose to do that. You see, in this story, Frosty is a Samoyed puppy, a cute little menace who is instrumental in making life for our hero and heroine very difficult. Stranded in the Alaskan wilderness - being forced to land the small plane because of a storm - the two strangers naturally have to rely on each other. Little Frosty makes life much more challenging and they suffer because of his naughtiness. But he also earns their affection, while at the same time; they discover just how perfect they are for each other.  

Now I chose the title, Frosty the Snowman, because I’m a lover of Samoyeds and years ago, living with my husband in the Yukon, he surprised me with a Samoyed puppy for my birthday. We called her Pegi. She was wonderful, loved by everyone in the mining camp where we lived and worked, especially the children. Just like Frosty in the story, Pegi would push her snout into the fresh snow and end up with it heaped on her face and her fluffy white body would be covered.  When we’d laugh, she’d lift her head, flash us that adorable Samoyed grin and we’d joke about her being our little snow pup.

When it came time for me to write a new story for the collection and I was to select a Christmas carol, I’ll admit to having an ulterior motive in choosing this song. Last year, I wrote a trilogy called Holiday Heartwarmers. At the beginning, 3 Samoyed puppies were abandoned in a box, in a park. As each little bundle of mischief escaped, they found their new family and like furry little cupids working magic, each of the couples who adopted them found romance.

So… once I’d decided to write another puppy story, you can see why changing the trilogy into a series - so I could make Frosty the Snowman Holiday Heartwarmers Book #4 - just seemed to make a lot of sense.

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