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Meet my good friend & wonderful author, Uvi Poznansky with her new release - "Dancing with Air" #mgtab

Interview with


Uvi Poznansky


Author of Dancing with Air



At the end of summer, it is time to turn a leaf, and I hope that for you, that will be a leaf from my new WWII Romance book, Dancing with Air. Let me sweep you away in time, to the other side of the ocean. Through the eyes of Lenny, an American Marine, and the love of his life, Natasha, experience what life was like in England during the months leading up to D-Day. Every love story suggests some hurdles that stand in the way of love, but in times of war, these hurdles are particularly high, testing the power of passion to the utmost degree.


What genre do you enjoy the most?


I love writing historical fiction, because it is one of the most difficult genres of all, demanding a complete immersion in the era and studying every detail--in clothing, gadgets, hairstyle, manners and of course, the timeline of events--in order to make the story not only believable but utterly authentic. And even though I pride myself on writing with a sensual slant, aiming to put you in the skin of the characters, I have never before focused on the genre that would allow me to develop that lyricism to the fullest: namely, Romance.


But lately, the characters I have written in a previous book, My Own Voice, demanded that I take them back a generation, to WWII, to the beginning of their love story. This is how The Music of Us came about, telling the story of how Lenny first met Natasha, a young concert pianist, and how they fell in love. My new novel, Dancing with Air, takes their love story takes a new turn, and throws in a bit of suspense.

Back page blurb:

Serving on the European front, Lenny writes bogus reports, designed to fall into the hands of Nazi Intelligence. To fool the enemy, these reports are disguised as love letters to another woman. This task must remain confidential, even at the risk of Natasha becoming suspicious of him. 


Once she arrives in London, Lenny takes her for a ride on his Harley throughout England, from the White Cliffs of Dover to a village near an underground ammunition depot in Staffordshire. When he is wounded in a horrific explosion, Natasha brings him back to safety, only to discover the other woman’s letter to him. He wonders, will she trust him again, even though as a soldier, he must keep his mission a secret? Will their love survive the test of war? 



An integral part of this story is the music. For each chapter, I composed lyrics that not only bring back a familiar note from that era, but also reflect the particular mood of the character at that moment.


Please share an excerpt from Dancing with Air with us.


The mood was altered, not only for me but also for my sweetheart. After hanging up the receiver we stumbled into silence. 

After a while I offered to escort her to Mrs. Babcock’s home, but Natasha refused. She kissed me goodbye, a bit hurriedly, and said that a long walk, by herself, would do her good. 

I watched her walking away from me, her figure shrinking into the distance under the London Plane trees. Stiff-textured leaves were swirling in the evening breeze. One of them, lobed like the palm of a hand, landed on my shoulder as if to say, don’t take it to heart. This had been a long day. Things were bound to look brighter, come next morning.

Yes, I said to myself. Natasha must have been exhausted now, and so was I. What’s more, her Ma was an expert in taking control of the conversation, which was why it took the wind out of both of us But tomorrow, she would come back for me, really she would.

I took a stroll in the opposite direction, then stood a long time by the fountain, watching other couples coming by, walking hand-in-hand. 


A street performer tried, several times, to gather some of them into an audience, all in vain. No one paid attention to him. Perhaps it was too late. The sky was getting darker. Time to go home.

He stopped by my side, perhaps sensing my sadness, and sang, in the softest voice,


When we kissed goodbye in Mayfair

Forever I’ll recall

Chill trembling in the air

Summer turning to fall


When you left—I may be wrong—

But it was too hard to bear

A nightingale stopped in the middle of a song

Silence lingering over Berkeley square.



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