Thursday, June 23, 2016

Writing sprints – build your word count. This amazing concept works! #mgtab #amwriting

I have to share an experience with you – one that I consider has changed my ability to get more words written each time I sit down to work.

It all started at a six-week boot camp put on by local author, Shannon Mayer. It happened last October until mid-December. Each week she bullied us into doing what she called writing sprints. She’d set the alarm for half an hour and we’d put our heads down and just create. We had no time for editing, or thinking, certainly not when everyone around us was pounding the keys.

Trust me, we all wanted to have enough words on the screen so we wouldn’t feel as if we hadn’t accomplished what the rest could do. Let me tell you, that old challenge routine worked really well.

Amazingly, each week, every one of us managed to get higher word counts during these crazy sprints. We knew it because she’d listed our numbers after each time. We got so good at it, that it just became a matter of us focusing on whatever scene we were working on at the time and… ready – set – go!

I know it worked for me because I managed to write a 65,000 word novel called Sweet Retaliation – one I want to sell to a publisher – and I did so under a deadline from December 4th to December 31st. About killed me – but I don’t believe I could have done that without using my new sprinting skills.

I find now that I can zip off 500-1,000 words easily in 30 minutes if know exactly what the scene will be for that next chapter. It's given me the ability to aim for and easily achieve my 2,000 words a day.

It’s totally awesome!

Try it.

Set your alarm and write. Better your times every day.

E-mail a friend, set up a challenge and go for it…   


  1. Great article. Writing sprints are a fabulous way to get the creative energy flowing. Tweeted.

    1. Hi Victoria,
      I wish I knew about these a few years ago LOL!! Thanks for your comment :-)

  2. Fun article, Mimi! I've never timed myself on a sprint, but maybe I should.

    I'll let you know how it goes. :)

    1. Please do let me know, Carmen. I timed myself today for 50 minutes and got just under 1,500 words. Had lots of typing errors but it actually did make sense. I'm getting faster - yesss!! Of course, I might add that I'm a four finger typist, so if you take that into consideration, it's pretty darn good LOL!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm so glad :-) Whipped off another 2,000 words today in a sprint for 75 mins! :-))))