Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Too good to be true - and certainly TOO good to miss!! #mgtab

I’m always on the lookout for good deals for my Author’s Billboard group and when they seem too good to be true, well then I share them with everyone I know.

Since my followers here on Believe are some of my favorite friends - of course - I  pass on the best stuff here as well. :-) 

On January 21st, I posted a story about how I loved all the images Uvi Poznansky had made for our collection – A Touch of Passion.

I believe I also mentioned how I’d been working with Canva Designs. Since then, I've also tried and enjoy using Windows Power Point (if you have Windows, it’ll be in your computer files).

So… wanting to compete with everyone else and start dressing up my own posts and tweets with something other than an ordinary book cover, I began playing around with these various tools. I’ll admit it was a bit of a learning curve but after persevering for a while, I ended up getting the basics and began designing fun memes such as this one which ended up getting over 50 retweets.

And this one that earned over 40.   


To date, because my budget is limited and my conventions, editors, covers and promo expenses come first, I've been getting most of my images from the Public Domain for free. Yeah I know... you get what you pay for... groan!!
But yesterday, when I found out about this fabulous sale over at Deposit Photos100 for $39 and with no deadline to use them – I giggled insanely and grabbed it.
And wrote this blog.

Have fun...


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