Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We're authors who've built up a newsletter & willl share with others who need to promote their work! #mgtab

Promote with other authors!!
Are you like me, always watching out for new places to promote? Hoping to find a worthy site that will at least give you a return on your investment?

It a hugely competitive world out there in publishing and the choices have increased ten-fold yet the sales don’t seem to be following.

As most of you know, I started a group over a year ago called the Authors’ Billboard and we also have a newsletter that’s open to guest author's submissions.

I’ve tried so many places lately – spent way too much money - and have been disappointed. Which isn’t to say my offer won’t disappoint too. Let’s face it – some books are more popular than others. I’ve had some authors return many times and others who obviously weren’t satisfied because they didn’t come back.

But we’ve kept our price low (just enough to pay our assistant who creates each newsletter). At least then, you won’t feel you’ve been taken for a huge amount.

And… we’ve kept the restrictions to the minimum – see here:


The Authors' Billboard Newsletter is sent out to our growing list of subscribers every Friday.

  Submission Guidelines

1.     Books must be $0.99, Free, or a New Release.

·         To be considered a "New Release" your book must have been published within the last 30 days.

·         New Releases can be any price as they are not promoted as "on sale".

2.     You cannot submit the same book more than once a month.


Book Submission Price:
Guests: $5.00

So – give us a chance & see if we can help you:

#1 Get exposure

#2 Make some sales!!


**Our newsletter is released late Thursday night and every week we have a Facebook post about the newsletter and we send out tweets also. With over 30 members in our group, many of who will share and retweet, we have quite a reach.

**As you can see, we have spots for a new a release; it’s more of an exposure kind of promotion because we don’t expect authors to place a new book in a sale category. We don’t show the price but the links to the books are there in case the readers want to follow up and buy them.

**We don’t differentiate between genres. We’ll leave it up to the subscribers to choose a book or not.

**Sexy books are welcome – erotic novels are not. (Sorry!)







  1. I'm a little confused. You quote a price of $5.00 on this page, but on the book submission page it reads $15.00.

    Check that-- I'm a LOT confused. Here it reads that the newsletter is sent out every Friday, but on the submission form it reads monthly. Help! :)

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thanks so much for letting me know about the mistake. I had added an old form here on the guest submission rather than the one that's actually showing on our website. I've made the change now. I don't know why these crazy things always happen to me... but they do LOL! I checked the first link to the website and then didn't read clearly the second link to the submission form.
    Thanks again,