Saturday, May 28, 2016

Up-to-date insight into Amazon's KENPC calculations & what it means to authors! #mgtab

Okay – I’ll admit it.

I’ve been fighting with this whole KENPC concept – the Unlimited program at Amazon’s Kindle Publishing and I think I’ve now got a handle on what’s going on.

Go figure… I finally read all the information that has been available the whole time. But you know me – I just skim things and figure I’ll delve into it the details later. Then it jumps up and bites me in my rather oversized (but not for my age :-) derrière!!

Because I’m now involved in a box collection called Hotshot Heroes, one we’ve only published on Amazon, this information has become paramount to our making the best possible decisions for our set.

I searched for information and this is what I found. I’ve added the paragraph that most affects the authors but I strongly recommend every one of you to go and read the whole page through and then do so again.

We released KENPC v2.0 to improve the way we measure the length of each book. KENPC v2.0 makes a number of improvements to how we standardize font, line height, and spacing used to normalize the length of each book relative to one another. This change will impact the KENPC of some titles while others will remain unchanged. The average KENPC will change less than 5%, although individual books’ changes may be larger or smaller. The new KENPC approach will be applied uniformly to all KDP Select books and all versions of those books. Regardless of which version a customer may be reading, all future royalties will be paid using KENPC v2.0. If a customer previously borrowed your book and is still reading it, any new pages read will be based on KENPC v2.0.

Let’s actually put this into perspective. I went to Special Agent Kandice’s page on Amazon and it says there under Product Details that the book has 236 pages. (This story came in at 62,182 words.)

Then I went to my Bookshelf on my KDP account (Kindle Publishing), clicked on Special Agent Kandice and then clicked on the Promotions and Advertise section that is available to authors under those three dots on the right.

See above!

This is where you will find you actual page count that Amazon is using to calculate the number of pages for the KENPC. (Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count). And here, they're telling me they're using the number 342 as my page count. That’s so awesomely, rad-ly, COOL! (Which I am not…sigh!)

So… depending on how much of your book that’s been read, Amazon pays you a percentage from their monthly KDP Select Global Fund. If people read the whole book, you’re paid based on that number of pages.

Now go to your Reports Page.

Just so you know, this royalty money is not added into the calculation you see at the bottom of the page – Generate Report. If you hover over that button – this is what you will see.

Click this button to generate a detailed report containing orders, sales and royalties earned for the selected time period. Click here to learn more about the information provided in this report. This report does not include royalties earned from the KDP Select Global Fund. For KU/KOLL royalties, which are processed on a monthly basis, please refer to your Prior Months’ Royalties report.

Again – that’s been something I’ve wondered about but never got around to asking….

I just gotta say - sometimes I really do need a good swift kick in earlier mentioned – derrière LOL!

Hope this info helps some of you – let me know.
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