Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer Heat is released - Love on Fire by fabulous authors! #mgtab


Maybe it’s the prospect of summer vacation and leisure time leftover from school days, but I always automatically think Summer = Reading. It’s not that I read at the beach—I hate sitting in the sun (lucky for my old skin!)—but I do love beach reads.

Beach Reading a Myth?

I did a quick informal survey of a small group of readers to find out where they like to do their reading and not one of them mentioned the beach. Is the beach read a myth, then? Or is it another of those leftover memes from times gone by? (I don’t expect an answer to this question. Think rhetorical.)

Decadence and Reading

People do still go on vacations in the summertime. They still fly on planes or take trains where they read, and they still manage to set aside some leisure time in the summer. Then there’s the fact that it gets too darn hot in the summer to do much more than lay around and read books. I think there’s nothing more decadent than laying around in the middle of the day with a good book (and a bag of chocolate Lindt balls). Not sure which is more decadent—reading the book in the middle of the day or eating chocolates. But the combination is my ultimate vacation from life.
On your next escape from life, when you have hours to read--and a bag of chocolates—you might want to make sure you have a stack of contemporary romances like the Summer Heat – Love on Fire boxed set of 16 novellas.
Here’s a sneak peek inside Summer Heat starting with Nina Bruhns and her book


Fast and Flirty. Excerpt:

Nikki Phoenix gave her tight sweater and miniskirt a quick zhuzh and leaned under the open hood of her BMW, bending over to give a good view of her backside and her long, bare legs. After a second she reached in and loosened the alternator cable. Just in case.
The meticulous research she’d done after getting this assignment had revealed that STORM Corps transporter Kade Maddox followed a firm set of self-imposed rules when he drove. He never broke them. Never. And one of his top rules was: No passengers.
Yeah, they’d just see about that.
She stayed bent over and curled one designer high heel around the opposite ankle, doing her best to look cute and helpless as he took the nearest curve and sped toward the cutout where she’d parked the Beemer.
“Come on, baby. You don’t need no stinkin’ rules,” she murmured to the engine block, deliberately not looking up. Any former Marine intelligence operator worth his salt would smell a setup a mile away.
She smiled at the air filter as her target slowed. “Oh, yeah. Who’s your mama,” she whispered, satisfaction swirling through her. Hell, she might actually pull this off. She wiggled her butt. Just a little.
From the corner of her eye she watched him approach. His highly-polished black and red convertible shone in the bright Italian sunshine, sleek and elegant against the sparkling azure blue of the sea beyond the twisty ribbon of road that clung to the rocky cliffs. The top was down, and she could clearly see it was Maddox behind the wheel, wearing his usual STORM transporter uniform—a meticulously tailored charcoal grey suit over a white button-down and tie. His attractive dark hair was just long enough to be tousled by the wind, making him look deceptively casual and easygoing.
She knew better. From what she’d learned, the man was focused as a laser.
He slowed to a crawl. She held her breath and pretended not to notice as he studied her through his mirrored sunglasses. Then the engine gunned and the car sped away without stopping.

Taylor Lee --Jared Justice Brothers

How about one more peek inside-at Taylor Lee’s Jared: Book 1 of the Justice Brother’s series. Excerpt:
"Driving her harder against the damp ground, he added, a note of incredulity striping his harsh tones, "Which brings me to the bigger question of this fiasco. What the hell is a Barbie Doll doing playing Big Bad Policeman all by her fucking self in the deep, dark National Forest in the middle of the night? Didn’t anyone ever tell you, Sweetheart, that Ken, not Barbie, gets to play the badass cop?”

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