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What would you do with a paranormnal gift? By @JenniferStGiles #mgtab

**I'm honored to present my friend, and USA Today best-selling author, Jennifer St. Giles, to the blog today to talk about her newest release called Kaylee's Justice.
First, let me thank Mimi for inviting me here today and let me tell you that she is one amazingly dynamic woman who blesses many with her big heart and infectious enthusiasm. She has blessed me.


Now, let’s have some fun! Have you ever considered what it would be like to have a paranormal gift? If you could choose one for yourself, what power would you pick, and what would you do with it? I love asking questions like these and more. Questions are the joyride of storytelling. I get in my decked out writer-mobile (office chair on wheels), crank open the sunroof (the blinds on my window), start the engine (my not so spry brain), and go (sometimes at full speed sometimes at a crawl).


The “what if” road I travel on leads me to amazing destinations. In fact, I play what if so much in so many directions that I write under three different names in a multitude of genres, but you can count on one very important thing. Goodness, hope, courage and love always conquers all obstacles and all evils.


In Kaylee’s Justice, Exposed Series, Case File 1, I had a lot of fun with my “what if” journey even though the subject matter was a dark road to drive across.


I started with “what if” my heroine, Eva St. Claire, is a psychic who uses her gift to write True Crime novels.

Then I added that all of the St. Claires are blessed/cursed with psychic gifts they can never escape. These gifts compel them to fight the many faces of evil in the world even though the battle has always led their ancestors to a tragic end. To protect themselves, they keep their gifts a secret from almost everyone, especially the authorities. Eva is driven to do all that she can as quickly as she can in hopes that her work will save others from falling into a killer’s trap. Everyone matters in her book. The very last person she wants invading her world is a nosy FBI agent.

So, of course I had to say what if again…

FBI Agent Adam Frasier thinks psychics are lowlife shysters. They took advantage of his mother and played a part in her downward spiral into mental illness. He is haunted by a tragic past and the one person he blames more than anyone else is himself. He doesn’t deserve the good in life. He spends his life on the ragged edge of duty as he hunts for the elusive Artist of Death—a person who sends police the GPS of victims, their portraits, and mugs of their killers.

And I had to then say what if…Eva and her sister Iris are the Artist of Death? The questions don’t stop there, but I’ll leave the other surprises for you to read.

So my question to you is what paranormal gift would you choose, and what would you do with it? Post answers here to win a copy of Kaylee’s Justice. I will be giving away two digital editions!

 5 star Review:
"Jennifer St. Giles is a must-buy author for me. Her stories are riveting and her characters are unforgettable. Highly recommended read."

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  1. Huge thank you Mimi for having me! If anyone has questions about my books and writing please email me on my website.

  2. I have always wanted to have magic, so I suppose that is a paranormal gift. With magic the possibilities are endless. First of all I'd never have to manually do housework ever again. It's the little things.

    1. LOL! Mary - you're so right. Getting that little magical creature to make the bed and wash the floors, hey maybe just a twitch of the nose and then you won't have to always be nice to a fairy in case she gets mad and turns you into a toad. Okay - I know - too much imagination. I've been told that since...forever :-))))