Saturday, April 16, 2016

Things we should do before we release a new book - part#2 #mgtab

Some time ago, I promised you another post on “Things we should do before we release a new book.” Here's the first part - Goodreads #Giveaway- a smart step to take before you release your book! 

Of course, I’m taking for granted that you’ve all had your stories edited and even proofread. Remember that nowadays we’re in direct competition with the big five publishers and many of their books are being priced to compete. Like the professionals they are, their products are perfectly presented.

Indie authors need to do the same. 

Therefore, we also have to make sure the books are formatted properly. I can’t emphasize enough just how annoying it is for readers nowadays to find anyone’s work hard to read, indents all over the place and text that changes from one size to another. As you’ve heard me say many times, I work with Pressbook and I always feel relaxed about the presentation of my work. If you haven’t read my earlier blog about that site, you will find it here.

Plus, I've recently heard that Amazon is getting seriously crabby about books not set up properly and are beginning to take a firm stance - giving the author a short time to make corrections with the threat of having the books removed....gulp!!

Of course, I’m also taking it for granted that you have a good cover that will represent not only the story, but the feel of the plot and characters if possible. For instance, don’t try and hook the readers with a really sexy man on the front if it’s a sweet romance. They won’t thank you, they won’t read you again and some might decide to leave scathing comments in their reviews – that’s if they write anything at all. And isn’t that the goal of every one of us. Having a book that the readers enjoy so much, they’ll leave a review and start it by highlighting the five stars?

So… these steps are just the basic ones needed to be done before you can set your book out in to world.

But there’s another step I take before my book is released. I have gathered a list of 15 Beta Readers for my romantic suspense books and these wonderful ladies not only enjoy reading my books, but they also make notes of corrections and write reviews soon after the book is released. Out of these fifteen fabulous readers, I can usually depend that at least 8-10 will be available to me when I need them. As you all know, having 10 reviews soon after a book is released is pure gold.

If you wonder how I managed to find these folks, I’ll tell you. I built up a friendship with most of them on Facebook and from my newsletter. If you wonder whether Facebook events are worthwhile - yes they are. You can get pretty close to some of the ladies who come to these parties and if you ask questions about what they like to read and they say romantic suspense with kick-ass heroines, and that’s what you write, then ask how many would be interested in joining your team. You’d be surprised.

If you’ve started a newsletter, you can ask for Beta Readers there. After all, if they answer you know they’ve not only read the newsletter but they’re interested in your career.

Personally, I line them up as soon as I’ve done the second draft. Once I’ve reread it and made the changes I catch myself, I pray it’s in decent enough shape for other eyes. I make sure it’s formatted nicely in a word doc and then save it to a pdf file ( just click ‘File’ on the uppermost left corner and then click ‘save as’ and when that window opens, go the second line on bottom where it asks you “save as type” and when you click that arrow – choose pdf.  

Next, I take the pdf file and use Caliber where I change it into a Mobi file. If you’re not using Caliber, you might want to check into it. It’s free, easy and there’re how-to videos (probably on u-tube also) that will show you how it works.
Once I have the Mobi file, I send that to my Beta Readers so they can add it to their kindles for easy reading. I also remind them they must add the line – “I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.” Otherwise, Amazon has been known to delete comments from people who haven’t actually purchased the book. Truly...??? Go figure :-)


  1. Hi Mimi,

    This such helpful information. Thank you so much. I am working on a book now that I hope to have out later this year so this was very valuable information. I love what you shared on beta readers and think I am going to start thinking about this more.

    Have a great week. Talk to you soon.


    1. Hi Irish, I'm glad this info helped you. It's important stuff and I wish you good luck in finding the right people.
      Let me know if I can help in any way...xo