Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You are invited to a Christmas in March party! #Giveaways #Contests #mgtab

Help us celebrate our Christmas Event!

We have decided to have a wonderful Facebook event: 
 our coming 2016 Collection of 20 brand new novellas...

(One which will be written by Leanne Banks a #1 National Best-selling author!!)
All with Christmas Carols as titles...
Some with the same theme as the title...
and all dedicated to 20 lucky winners.
Come and celebrate with us!
Win lots of prizes - 
20 of us will be there waiting
 and... willing to share all kinds of giveaways.
 Thursday, March 24 at 1 PM - 6 PM in EDT

Host Schedule: All Times EST (Eastern)
1:00- Stacy Juba
1:15- Joan Reeves
1:30- Jennifer St. Giles
1:45- Ari Thatcher
2:00- Dani Haviland
2:15- Mona Risk
2:30- Taylor Lee
2:45- Rachelle Ayala
3:00- Mimi Barbour...
3:15- Donna Fasano
3:30- Jacquie Biggar
3:45- Alicia Street
4:00- Michele Hauf
4:15- Melinda Curtis
4:30- Stephanie Queen
4:45- Patricia Rosemoor
5:00- Rebecca York
5:15- Nancy Radke
5:30- Traci Hall
5:45- Nina Bruhns

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  1. Christmas in March party! That sounds great. Well, we had great time on Xmas bash in December but now would be hosting Xmas in July party. I have started making DIY décor stuff in advance and also would find the best indoor party venue NYC. Excited a lot for this bash!