Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Roundteam – an incredible time-saver on Twitter! #mgtab #eNovAaw

I’ve recently discovered an incredible time-saver, and as a very busy author, I truly need all the help I can get in that department.

Trust me, my days fly by and I’m lucky to get half my chores crossed off the never-ending list. And… that’s only if I’m lucky. I mean no interruptions, keep my head down all day and work like a crazed fool.

I’m not complaining – don’t get me wrong. I love it! That’s why I do it. But… any time I can find a tool that isn’t too difficult to understand for my stressed-out brain and it will actually save me time in the long run – well… you gotta know I’m on it like dead bugs on a windshield.

Sorry – had a glass of wine… ahem!

Moving on...!


It’s the site I wanted to share. This tool automatically retweets for you based on certain criteria that you fill in – like hashtags for example.

Here is a how-to page support page with all the explanations of how it can be used. I skimmed this quickly but you might want to check it out more thoroughly.

When I set up my profile last month, I only added in my personal handle (@MimiBarbour) and used two hashtags. Then today, I went back in there and found out they have a lot more to offer than I first understood. Something that particularly interests me is that I can set up more than one handle (Twitter account or team). See – I should have spent more time reading that how-to page….arggg!!

Since I have The Authors’ Billboard account that I also manage, it pleases me to know I can add that one also. In fact, I believe for the free option, you can have up to10 accounts or they called them Teams.

Then reading further, I also found out that if you want Roundteam to retweet more than from just a hashtag, you can set up lists. Since I have a twitter list set up for all the members of my group, this particularly interested me. Here's a U-tube video that's invaluable for helping you to do this.

Just in case you don’t know how to set up a list on Twitter, here’s how:

-         Go to your home page by either going to the top left where it says Home or just clicking on your name.

-         Once there, click on your small photo – top right of page

-         When the box opens, click on the word Lists

-         On the right hand side or down at the very bottom it will say – Create a new list. Click there and a box will open for you to name it.

-         Next you want to find the people you want on that list - so use the search bar for either their name or if you have it, their handle

-         Once you’re on their page, click on the little setting wheel next to where it says FOLLOW

-         Now click on “add or remove from list”

-         A box will open with all your lists

-         Tick the box next to the list you want them to be added to

-         Take another sip of wine…ha!

Now, when you go back to the main page on Roundteam, you will see where they have Lists and you can click on the tick mark and add your new list name there so that all the members on it will get automatic retweets. Cool eh!!
Again - watch the video because it took me some playing around until I got it right... :-)

You do need to know that there are some restrictions for this site which depend on your willingness to pay for its use. I’ve added that below.




  1. Mimi, I set this up last week after you mentioned it. I went for the 3.99 a month, just to try it out, and it's working so well that I will probably just bite the bullet and do it for the year. 30.00 for constant action on my twitter page seems like a great deal. Thanks for explaining this so well!

    1. I chose the $3.99 / mo. I hesitated for the $9.99/mo without giving it a tryout first. But I most likely will go for that option for the Billboard :-)

  2. Herry Johnson - I have no idea why your great comment didn't show up on the front page - it's in the comment section in the back of the blogsite - it won't let me copy and paste it so I could bring it out here either. Just know, I appreciated what you had to say and agree with you. Thanks so much,

  3. Well, things have really changed. Thanks for providing the screenshot, helps me understand their previous offering. Now they've hiked up the price, and reduced the features of the free account https://roundteam.co/pricing

    (Am on your site because I googled for "Roundteam review".)

    1. Yes - that's true. They have made changes all right. A few of my friends are quite miffed. I ended up with the Premium offer ($9.99 / mon)a while before this happened and so I didn't see a lot of changes to my account. I guess they have to make a living but I truly think once you're in the paid section for their product, you should be able to get something special for that money. For me - it's still worth having all those retweets getting done without me having to be on a twitter all the time :-)