Friday, February 26, 2016

Are you moving enough? Keeping track of your steps every day?? #Fitbit

Were you one of the fitness freaks that asked Santa for the Fitbit this year (or another exercise gadget equally as cool?)

I did…

Being an Indie author is great. But don’t ever imagine it to be easy. Not only do we have to spend hours at our desks or with our laptops writing the darn manuscripts. Then we have to organize the cover, editors and formatting. Once we have all that done, the book is ready to be published. The work isn't even close to being finished. Now we need to promote it so readers know it’s even available, and again, that can take many hours.

For most of us, this takes place while sitting. Hours of cramped positions, pushing past the discomfort to get those words written or e-mails cleared. I’ve had days with headaches hovering and backaches looming and ignored all the discomforts because I was under deadline.

Then I found out about the Fitbit, and just the idea of setting myself an exercise goal every day, made it more of a challenge. Santa was good to me. After I found the sweet little gift under the tree and put it on, it let me know that I wasn’t as sedentary as I had thought. On a normal day, I do get my sought after 5,000 steps and on a really good day - at 10,000 steps - that old vibrating watch goes off and scares the living daylights outa me.

I love it!!

Every time it shocks me, I feel so terrific because I know I’ve been good to my body. In fact, I’ve been known to walk-in-place for those last few hundred steps just to be able to say – I DID IT!!!

Another plus, when you own a Fitbit, you can sign up on an App for your smartphone and it will keep track of your daily steps. Then each week, you’ll get an e-mail giving you your daily step average. It also tracks your total steps for the week (best day, worst day), total distance, stairs climbed and the calories you burned and… if you lost weight. I’m sorry I can’t tell you too much about that part because for me, the steps are all I tend to dwell on. I believe, you can even challenge another Fitbit owner if you wish and sign up on a competition.

Again for me, it’s all about my own goals. And I’m glad to say, that so far, it’s working!!

I’m moving!!

Do you have one of these doodads? Do you like it?


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  1. I haven't got one yet, but I am becoming conscious of just how sedentary I am becoming.
    It is so easy to plonk yourself in front of the computer, write a blog, illustrate a page of the next kid's book, do some social media, scribble notes for the novel, check some emails and… oh, it's time for bed.
    The time may be coming when I need something to remind me to get up and move a bit.