Saturday, January 9, 2016

I’m in a quandary and I need your help!

The future of my new series depends on my decision and I want to make it an informed one.

Remember my blog post a few days ago about how I almost lost 4,000 words of a novel’s ending by not saving my document? Well that story called Sweet Retaliation was the first one in a new series I’m calling Mob Tracker.

The premise for the plot is as follows:

Cassidy Santino follows her brother to a meeting behind a warehouse, one she’d begged him to stay away from, and while she hides in the dark, three gang members kill her beloved twin, Raoul. He’s protected, babied and kept her safe since their father died and here he is spread-eagled, bleeding… dying on the dirty ground while bullets buzz overhead.

Being more like a close buddy, he’d taught her how to box, took her for rides on his motorcycle and kept the boys away when anyone showed an interest. Now he’s dead and absolute revenge fills every cell in her body and freezes her soul. From this day forward, she plans her retaliation.

Of course, Trace Maguire, the detective who took a bullet for her, is totally against the various steps she plans to get close to these dangerous criminals. He’s furious when she changes from a long-haired, naïve miss, who looked like someone from the sixties, to a modern fighting machine, a chick who’s now bartending in the very club where those same members hang out.  


Okay - I know it’s a good book and with the other two, it will work out to be a really popular series. There’s continuous action, sizzling sex and twisting, surprising conflicts that will be mind-boggling. Both the hero and the heroine are people that the readers can relate to and will care about. Or at least, I hope so.

No… I know so!!

But, my predicament is …what do I do with it?

Should I try and get an agent and see if I can go the traditional route? I had that in my mind when I began plotting this set but everything I’ve read lately is against me taking that step. Hugh Howey, on his blog, shows that Indie authors can even outsell traditional publishers for hardcover books through their Createspace POD options and that was one way I thought they still had precedence. 

Brooke Warner from the Huffington Post states clearly in this article, What should authors expect to earn? that Indie authors  can make more money in the long run and still have that important control over their product.

I’m at a crossroads here where I’m selling moderately well but I still need to reach a different audience so I can expand my readership. I thought to try taking a step in another direction, but though my foot is up, I just don’t know where to set it down.

Maybe Amazon through their Kindle Scout program would be a good move. The thing is, a very good author and close friend just went through the whole rigmarole of waiting the 30 days, getting over 1,700 votes and at the end of the month, they rejected her book. How heart-breaking is that? Should I put myself through it? Big baby that I am, rejections scares the stuffing outta me.

There’re always the smaller publishers like Entangled? They have a different reader pool and when I went to Show me the Money, their authors seem to make out fairly well…..??? But when I checked their best books for the week on Amazon, their rankings weren’t all that impressive.

So… my friends, what do you think? What has been your experience? Can any of you give me some advice? If you’d rather keep it private, just e-mail me at I really want your input and to hear what you have to say.





  1. What about trying Montlake? The authors I've seen with them have done really well and seem quite happy with their relationship with Amazon's publishing franchise. I'm not sure if you need an agent either, which is a further substantial savings in your pocket. Something to think about anyway :)

    1. Thanks Jacquie - I'm pretty sure you need an agent and Patrice has seconded that. I believe you also need a US bank account. Both of which I don't have.

  2. Montlake is really, truly awesome! But Mimi you would need an agent to get your foot in that door. I do think you should try KS first, as they will promote, it's an amazing story and you will win!!!

    1. Yeah! That's what I thought - an agent....hummm??? Not sure of going there. Thanks Patrice xo

  3. Mimi--Patrice Wilton just had to talk me off the edge of this very same cliff two days ago! I am torn between trying a trad. pub with a new series idea for a broader reach etc. However, after reading those same articles you cited in your blog, I don't know that it makes sense. Try Kindle Scout--unlike a traditional publisher, you won't have to wait 3-6 months for an answer. Good luck! I'm still going back and forth myself...

    1. I think I've made up my mind...I think!!.....ack!!! For this collection anyway. It's not an on-going one like the Undercover FBI books so if this doesn't get me what I want, I only have to write at the very least three books and maybe a forth. Will let you know on the loop :-)

  4. I don't think it hurts to try a different approach. ;)