Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to get high numbers of valuable retweets… #twittersmarter #hashtags


I’m behind the bar on this one, but I have to honestly admit it was a new phenomenon to me.

Okay – I’ll explain.

For quite some time, I noticed that some of my fellow twitter friends, specifically those in hashtag groups, were getting huge numbers of retweets. Green with envy, I’d made up my mind to write to one of my closer friends and ask how this was occurring. But, as we all know, intending to do something and actually following through are two different things.

You're right! I never got around to it…. Sigh!!! I meant to….really! It was on my list. Yeah, yeah!!!! Whatever…

Then one day, yattering back and forth with some of the authors in a box collection I'm with, one of the girls mentioned that we should do a series of retweets with a specific hashtag which we could set up just for that set. It's called A Touch of Passion and we were lucky enough to find that #ATOP was available. So we nabbed it, went to Twubs and registered the hashtag and we were off.

In one day, twelve of us (I’m taking for granted that all the authors participated) set up various tweets (as per the instructions below) using that hashtag. According to our co-ordinator, we made something like 19 sales more than the average we’d normally make in a day. Taking that as a sign they had worked, I mentioned how I wished there were groups that focused on just this type of support and... lo and behold, a couple of the ladies just happened to be in such a group.

In fact, it turned out to be the same group my friend was in. Now I totally understood how she got so many retweets.

This is  they did:

  • Get a group of like-minded friends who want to make the most of twitter which is a hot social media place right now.
  • These authors had a rule that everyone had to have a minimum of 10,000 followers and thankfully I was passed that figure – always knew my followers would come in handy one day.J But of course, this number would be up to whatever restrictions you’d want to put in place.
  • Then set up a closed Facebook group page and ask everyone in the list to join.
  • Every day open a discussion which will be the tweet list for the day.
  • Each person can post two tweets that have only the link – looks like this:
  • To get this link, set up a tweet and send it. Once it’s live go to the three dots… on the same line as reply, retweet and heart, and when you click on that, it will give a number of choices. Choose the one that says "link to tweet "and wait for a new box to open with this link.
  • Copy and paste it and add it in the next comment line on the FB page.
  • When an image appears, look directly under the image and see “remove preview” and click that.
  • Now your stream will be neat and only show the actual links to everyone’s tweets.
  • Once you actually retweet each one, click “like” under that person’s name so they know you have retweeted and you’ll keep track of where you are on the list.
  • Close this stream at a specific time each day so that everyone knows once it’s closed, they’ve gotten every individual – I suggest around 6pm Pacific Time so it will include most everyone.
  • Then start a new discussion for the next day’s list.
Note: Everyone in the list I’m with has covers or pictures included in their tweets and to add one, when you set up the tweet on twitter, there’s a little camera you use to do this. Many of the girls are also making images with their covers embedded and use Photoshop or inexpensive, do-it-yourself places like Canva. I’ll admit to being incompetent when it comes to this type of advertising, but one day, when I have time….

Yeah, yeah!

I'm not really all that proud of this image but it is one of my first endeavors using Canva. All it cost me was too much time and a headache!

Do you use images in your tweets and Facebook posts?


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