Tuesday, December 22, 2015

There was a man who wanted to surprise his wife for #Christmas.

He wasn’t a rich man, worked the normal nine-to-five kind of job and he and his family survived payday to payday. Every week, this man would take twenty dollars from the house-hold budget so he would always have a few dollars in his pocket for those small emergencies.

His wife was careful with money in the same way but at Christmas they would spend a little more to give each other, and their family and friends, those extras that make this time of the year so special.

Now, his wife had a few girlfriends that would come often and visit, one who liked the good stuff in life and didn’t hesitate to blow whatever amount she wanted to get herself dolled out with fabulous clothes and especially nice jewelry. And... she liked to brag about her purchases.  

Even the other friend, though not quite as extravagant, would spend money on herself and she too loved good jewelry. But the wife knew they didn’t have a lot to spare and so other than buying a few of the nicer clothes on layaway and really good sales, she spent their money on the necessities and had no problem doing so. As far as she was concerned, they had everything they needed… and then some.

Therefore, this special Christmas Eve when they had a houseful of family visiting and the husband and his wife ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room, she had no idea why her man was so het up and seemingly nervous. Once they were alone, he cuddled up and then presented her with a beautifully wrapped gift. They always opened one gift the night before Christmas, but they’d already had this ritual so she certainly wasn’t expecting anything else. Surprised, she didn’t know what to think. By now, he vibrated with a nervous kind of excitement and she knew whatever was in the small box had to be very important.

Slowly, she unwrapped it and inside was the most beautiful diamond ring she’d ever seen. Three huge diamonds - all the same size and set in a gold band – dazzled. They sparkled their beauty and fit together perfectly with her older engagement ring to make a gorgeous set. Heart beating, tears streaming almost choking, she wrapped her arms around this man and held on.

His whispered words, “you can show your friends tomorrow” let her know that he’d overheard their female discussions and had decided that his wife wasn’t going to be left out – no way.

Finally, he admitted that every week, he’d hid half or all of his money and it took more than two years and a hidden bonus check before he could afford to pay for this gift. But he’d done it for her, so she’d have what the others seemed to want so much.

***And every time I look at my finger and see that gorgeous ring, I remember that Christmas and it reminds me why I love that man so much.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may your Santa be good to you this year too!!!

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