Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Please vote for this wonderful author, Patrice Wilton, and for her book, A Heavenly Christmas, to be accepted into #Kindle Scout #mgtab

**I  want to introduce a dear friend of mine who needs our help. So if you have a few seconds, please click on the link below and vote for her lovely book to be accepted into the Kindle Scout program. We'll be ever so grateful xo

Hello readers!

I want to thank my host, Mimi for giving me the opportunity to be on Believe and share my exciting news!

First, for those who don't know me, I write contemporary romance and romantic comedy. I have more than 20 published books on Amazon, and they just keep coming. I wrote five books last year, and expect to do another four in 2016! I was in several multi-author box sets with Mimi and her friends, and as you might know we made the USA Today best seller list twice, and NEW YORK TIMES once! It's been a fabulous year, but the writing business never gets easier--even with those exalted titles! Hence, I have entered a contest in the hope of getting a publishing contact, and I could really use your help!! Here is the news below. It doesn't require you to buy anything - just two minutes of your time, and a lifetime of gratitude from me!


My new Christmas book has been selected in the KINDLE SCOUT program. In case you haven't heard of it, readers get to choose who will be selected for a publishing contact! You nominate a title, and the book with the most nominations will be eligible for a contract with Kindle, and we all know how powerful Amazon can be. This would make a huge difference in my career, and I would love, love to have your support and vote. Here is the link that could change my life!

The contest runs from Nov. 25 until Dec.25th and then a winner will be announced. Anyone who nominates a winner will automatically get a free copy of the book from Amazon. As a special thank you, anyone who nominates my book and emails me to let me know will have a chance to be named in my sequel to A HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS!! You could be the star of my story, or your loved one could be the Hero! Also a 3 book audio collection will be awarded to one lucky winner. Whether I win or not! After Christmas I will announce the winners on my website --  


HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!! A HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS Jennie Braxton and her two small children are traveling to Philadelphia for Christmas with her family. Car trouble lands them in a magical town called Heaven, P.A. Everything about this sweet place seems too good to be true, especially Nick Ryan, a local chef with a heart as big as her own. His sensual smile tempts her from mourning the loss of her dear husband, to look into the future. Can her dreams of finding happiness again come true, or will her heart hide safely in the past? 

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  1. Thank you Mimi for having me here, and your lovely post!
    And thank you to anyone who takes a moment to nominate me!!