Thursday, December 10, 2015

Have you ever written a book? Think you can?

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Since I first started my career as an author, I must admit that a lot of people have shared with me their plans or desires to pen the novel that's just waiting inside their imagination to be released. The thing is - it’s just not all that easy to do. Even if a person does start with the best of intentions, doesn't mean they'll ever finish it.

So - let's see how someone who's already published over 30 books comes up with an idea, works it into a story and eventually has a finished product.

I'll share my latest endeavors and it may even help you decide if you're really ready to follow your dream.

A while ago, for reasons I won't go into now, I had thought to do a trilogy of Christmas novellas.

As soon as the idea took hold, I'd made up my mind not to follow the usual path of other writers by linking people (like families, etc.) together in order to come up with separate yet attached books. Instead, I let my thoughts wander through different scenarios until the idea of a litter of puppies began to take hold. It dawned on me that I could use each pup as the link for the stories.

Once I'd decided to go with that idea, I needed to come up with a prologue which would hook them together and where I could eventually get my three separate yet linked novellas started.

While I let my imagination roam, it hit me that the little canines needed to be abandoned so each one have would to venture out and find their family and, of course, their romance.

It was about that time that I asked my friends and beta readers what they thought would be good titles.  After I shared the small bit of info I just explained to you, the ideas started pouring in.

Already, the first book had started to take shape, so when I saw the phrase - Please Keep Me – it seemed to be an omen.  

You see, I’d imagined a female puppy who'd found a little girl - or maybe it was the other way around - but once they met, it had to be love at first sight. Knowing I wanted something out of the ordinary, rather than just the old boy meets girl beginning, I had the puppy skid down a steep incline and fall into the lake.

Thoughts rolling now, I could picture it happening and suddenly I saw the child trying to rescue the mutt only getting herself into trouble. Now both needed to be saved. Of course, it was the perfect time to introduce our hero.

The plot worked smoothly, but was a little too easy so I added another twist just to make the story flow. I’d decided to have the single mother, with good reason, hate all Carltons - a family our handsome do-gooder just happens to be a member of.

Once I'd set these schemes into motion, the story wrote itself. Of course there had to be more conflicts to keep it interesting, but the joy in writing the book was exploring the characters, watching them grow while putting them through hell.

Still think you want to try writing that book?

If so, check out my next post. You’ll learn more…

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  1. I love the idea of three puppies finding forever homes!! Congrats Mimi, and these covers are awesome!