Saturday, December 5, 2015

A peek into how an artist designs a cover!! #amazon #asmsg

Uvi Poznansky is our co-ordinator for this new box collection and she explains how she came up with the beautiful cover. It’s an interesting look into an artist’s creative thoughts.


A Touch of Passion is a new boxed set, containing twelve full-length Romance novels by wonderfully talented, bestselling authors. Joining me are Mimi Barbour, Elizabeth Marx, Tamara Ferguson, Regina Puckett, B. J. Robinson, Laura Taylor, Suzanne Jenkins, Cynthia Woolf, Lisa Gillis, Traci Hall.

For the word 'Passion' I found a lovely font called Precious, because I felt that it expresses the meaning of this word by making the capital letter so flowery and romantic. For the image I selected a young woman in a silky dress, made her close her eyes as she dreams about her beloved, and on her hand I placed a pink rose. I positioned it so it nearly falls off from her fingers, as she is so enraptured in her memories.

Here is the spine. My intention was to create a sense of a substantial collection, presented like volumes in an encyclopedia. Therefore, I used golden lettering on dark purple, velvet background. I added the lit and shadowed edges for each spine, to achieve depth. Most importantly, at the bottom of it I added a signature icon from the cover of its standalone novel.

Finally, I built it all up so suggest a perspective, and created a reflection underneath, which adheres to the same rules of perspective. And here is the finished cover:


Lose yourself in a touch of passion

Whether it’s the beauty in a song or the magic of a kiss, the agony of heartbreak or the hunger of yearning, explore ecstasy and desire in these captivating full-length novels. Written by twelve bestselling, multiple award-winning, USA Today and NY Times authors, this boxed set has it all: Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Romantic Suspense, Victorian Romance, Western and Literary Fiction. These sensual tales of love will leave you with a smile on your lips and music in your heart. 

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