Friday, November 13, 2015

My short holiday to paradise. #Hawaii

First, I need to apologize for being absent this last while. I meant to leave a notice, telling you that I was going to be on a holiday for a week in Hawaii but then all the last minute craziness of getting books published and packing, scheduling blogs and editing kicked in and I ran out of time.
In case you're green with envy, I'm sorry but... it was a well-needed break. One I like to think I deserved. In any case, it certainly was greatly appreciated.

My favorite thing about Waikiki is the absolute loveliness of the place...
I know there are many places in the world that have wonderful views, we have a lot here in Canada. 

And there are other places that are warm also. (Okay so not so much in Canada - unless we're talking about the summer LOL!) Only it's not just the warmth but the wonderful ocean breezes to make the heat bearable that makes Waikiki special. 

I'm talking about a place where palm trees decorate the horizon and let a person know they're in a tropical climate. And one that has such gorgeous greenery everywhere one looks that it's hard to just walk anywhere in a hurry. 

I guess I need to mention there's one more important difference about Hawaii that
keeps bringing me back. It's something I notice the minute I step off the plane and out of the airport. The incredible smell of the island flowers that permeates the air grabs me every time I return, I just have to take a few minutes, close my eyes and let those memorable scents remind me that I'm back.

Okay - there IS one other thing I guess I need to mention that makes Waikiki a terrific place for a holiday. Jimmy Buffetts do make the best margaritas and Nacho stacks in the world!!!

***In case you're wondering whether there will be a book soon with Hawaii as the setting... what do you think??  :-)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip, Mimi. Hawaii has always been a dream of mine, maybe one day :)
    Jacquie Biggar

    1. A dream will always come true if you make it happen :-) We both know that...xo

  2. Thanks for sharing and yes, please include Hawaii in a book soon. It is the only way I will get there, but I will love the visit you provide! And I do believe you deserved the holiday.

    1. Hi Billie,
      Thanks for your kind comment and I will certainly write that book. In case you don't want to wait, I have another Hawaiian story already published and it's on sale on Amazon right now for #99cents

      XO Mimi