Sunday, October 18, 2015

New submission page & easy to fill-in form on Authors' Billboard - #Promotions #Indie

Recently, we have decided to share our beautiful newsletter with other authors who don't belong to our group at Authors Billboard. This is what made us reach that decision:

- We’re a small group with a growing newsletter list and we don’t always have enough books on sale or free to give our readers adequate choice every week. By inviting others to submit their books, it will give our subscribers a lot more selection.

-  Also, the authors who promote with us will be signed onto our newsletter and have a chance to win one of our monthly Giveaways of two $50 Amazon Gift Certificates or the special $20 gift certificate to whoever shares the most about the contest with others.

-  The Authors Billboard website is also a great place for anyone to visit. Come and see what our authors are up to and read their wonderful blog posts which are on varied subjects and fun to read. Find their beautifully presented books on our Books & Promotions page where 10 fortunate people from our Newsletter list will be given the opportunity every month to select whichever book they want as a free prize.

Remember - The authors here at the Billboard will be working hard to get the word out about each promotion. Our growing subscribers list is proving very successful and thirty authors have a long reach and plenty of connections through social media so we will do everything in our power to get your work the exposure it needs. 

Plus there are links to Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and Google that you can share right there on the newsletter to make it easy for you to get the word out to your own followers and friends about your book being on sale.

Therefore - welcome to our special place!

Come and enjoy, and take the time to sign up your book for the low price of $5.

Please sign up by Tuesday for the following Friday.

Only books priced at 99cents or free will be accepted.

There are no restrictions as far as reviews or ratings.

***Find the easy-to-fill-in submission page 

as one of the tabs on the website or go here. 

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