Sunday, October 4, 2015

Goals – First write them down – then make them happen!! #USAToday #NYTimes

First published on Authors' Billboard - Sept 11, 2015 by Mimi Barbour

There are 12 steps to setting up a goal for yourself and having any real possibility of success. Take these seriously – they really work.  And be realistic. Some ambitions are just not possible. You know it so don’t set yourself up to fail.

1-    A personal desire – you are the writer of the goal – this is your dream.

2-    Conviction of your desire – choose a realistic goal – no flying to the moon.

3-    Write it down. If it’s not written, it’s not a goal. It has no substance. You have neurological pathways that will react to this prompting so seriously, WRITE – IT – DOWN!

4-    Understand where you are now – start point.

5-    List the benefits – how they’ll pay off when your goal is reached.

6-    Set a realistic, time specific, doable deadline – make sure it’s not stressful. If you can’t meet it, re-set the timeline.

7-    Set up 50% increments on accomplishing this goal – say each month until it becomes a habit and you’re not overwhelmed.

8-    Identify obstacles that stop you from achieving the goal – be aware of these obstructions.

1-    Identify the knowledge and skills it will take to accomplish your goal.

2-    Identify people who can help you and spend time with them. ( eg-teachers)

3-    List activities in two formats using steps 7-9. (a) most important, (b) Chronologically

4-    Visualize success. Picture it in your mind or in the world.

Personally, I know this goal-setting works. If you’re serious and perform these steps religiously, you WILL reach your goal. Two years ago, I wrote down that I wanted to hit the USA Today list with a box collection I was in called Ten Christmas Brides. We did it. Last year I wrote down on the same paper that I wanted to be on the New York Times list and it happened. Now, I truly believe in this concept.

So try it, why not. What can you lose? 

Okay - I'm writing this down. I want to sell a huge number of the first book in my Holiday Heartwarmers Trilogy that will be released at the end of the month. And then I want to sell a lot.... okay - you get the picture.

Now I just need to make sure it happens :-)

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