Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cross Promotion at it’s very best – Earn Karma Cash!!

Recently, I learned about a place called Co-Promote which actually stands for Cross Promote. It’s a brilliant idea and so far in my experience, it works very well.

Their opening comment is: We match your message with like-minded people on Facebook and Twitter. They share it with their followers to greatly increase the number of people your message reaches. (Kinda like a share or a retweet.)

When I first joined, I was a bit suspect and so I only signed up with Twitter, although I believe you can also attach it to your Tumblr and even UTube accounts. I do intend to check out the Facebook section, but so far, I just haven’t had the time to study that portion and I’m also very careful not to push too many auto-posts there. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems more of a personal place and I guess I don’t want to inundate my friends with more business bursts than necessary.

First, set up a profile so that you have your photo showing. People will want to follow you and you should take the time to also follow others too. It builds a community you will be glad to have. It's very easy to follow others, just hover over their photos and a small box will open with the follow button right there.

When I first went to Co-Promote and stumbled around through the site, I found it to be pretty easy to navigate. There are three main areas that have clear buttons at the top of the page. Share, track and boost.

Share: as you’ve already determined is where they have the stream of posts that you can share. The posts you choose will go out over your twitter feed. You have a choice of the type of posts you’d be interested in and that makes it easy for you to share what you think your followers might enjoy.

Track: I love this part because it shows you how many people shared your boost and the numbers are quite starling – certainly gets you out there more so than just your regular Twitter retweets.

Boost: Now this is where your reward happens. After you’ve shared a certain number of posts, you collect Karma cash for others to share yours. To select the post you want shared, when you’re on the Boost page, it will show you a list of the last tweets you released and you can pick whichever one you want boosted. So cool!!

The best part of this program – IT’S FREE!! Oh yes it is!

But… if you want more coverage than the free section can give you, you do have the ability to upgrade. 

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