Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another sweet little secret to help busy authors save time. #twittimer #amwriting

As most of you who follow my blog know, I’m consistently revealing my journey as a writer to either stop you from making some of the same mistakes that have plagued me, or to pass on a nugget that has worked for me.  

Today, I’m happy to say that what I’m about to share is pure gold.

For years, I’ve been on Twitter, building up my followers little by little and can brag a bit today that I recently reached the 14k level. (Picture me chortling!!) 

Now all this time, I’ve mostly done it the hard way, tweet by tweet and very little scheduling. I did try Hootsuite for a while but it just got too convoluted for me when they added in all the other social media avenues…. or maybe I should admit that figuring it all out was taking too long and it all felt too much like work. I’m one of those busy authors who hasn’t a lot of time or energy to try slogging my way through a dense fog of instructions that don’t make a lot of sense. I want it to be easy, or at least to save me time in the end.

Then I found a site called Social Oomph and that worked for a while. I was able to schedule ordinary tweets but there was one thing missing that really bugged me. I couldn’t add any images to my tweets. And as we all know, nowadays that’s so important to getting attention.

So… I started searching again and I’m happy to tell you that I did come across a great site and it’s called Twittimer. (I wish I knew who came up with the Twitter title so I could strangle them. I get so many strange looks when I talk about my tweets and retweets to those smart twits with no computers and no stress :-)))  

Back on subject - now, the reason I like this place is because it’s easy to figure out. I had it beat within the first few minutes of stumbling onto it. Yeah – I know – I was shocked too!!!

So… after playing around on Twittimer, I decided to go the Pro route for these reasons. One – I wanted to add both my Twitter pages – Mimi Barbour Author @MimiBarbour and The Author’s Billboard @mimisgang1. And two – I wanted to set up a sheet of tweets and forget about them.  And three - $24.99 for 6 months seemed more than reasonable.

Okay - here is why you might want to use them:

1.     Publish posts at the exact moment of your choosing.
2.     Privacy of personal data.
3.     Share your photos.
4.     Archive your messages.
5.     Statistics.
6.     At the right time...everywhere.
7.     Campaign Preparation
8.     Track links with Bitly.

My personal favorite is: Bulk Uploads using a CSV. This means that I can set up a week or even a month or more of tweets for a campaign, add them all to an excel spreadsheet following a few simple rules and forget about them. See those rules:

1.     You must save the spreadsheet as a CSV only.
2.     You must delete the other sheets on the bottom of the page.
3.     Make sure your dates are changed to future dates
4.     And no duplicate tweets within a 12 hour span.

Now – the best part is just how simple it is to set up your ordinary tweet. Once you’ve filled in your account info, the box will open up that you see here.

Copy and paste the tweet inside or a blurb for Facebook and LinkedIn. It will give you the option of which Twitter stream you want it sent over or both, plus if you want it on FB and Linkedin also. (Linkedin will not allow images…………..darn!!)

See the little camera, top left, that is where you go to add in images and once you do, you can reuse that same image over and over – it even asks you.

You can also create a group so your messages can be saved to certain groups and then re-used. So cool...

What I have benefited from was the fact I can schedule posts for both my Facebook pages also and with images. That’s a big help for me each week.

Twittimer has been an absolute time saver and it’s actually fun to use. Check it out if you find you need a tool such as this.

And let me know if you’ve already found something similar or… if you try Twittimer… do you like it as much as I do?


  1. Thank you, Mimi! This sounds like a great tool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Mimi! This sounds like a great tool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello, does your posts posted to facebook disappear to ? (Posted from twittimer)

    1. Hi Rafael - I just saw your message - sorry my friend. As to your question, they won't use my posts on Facebook because I always use images. I hope they'll soon get that straightened out :-) If you write and tell them you're having difficulties, they will answer. They did for me and fixed my stuff quickly :-)

  4. Thanks for that rundown. I am looking for a platform to use for helping with tweets and also found hootsuite too confusing, buffer not flexible enough and was about to check out 140feed and tweetjukebox, but twittimer sound so much easier and just what I need. Thanks again

    1. Glad to be of help. It now has a new feature to schedule stuff - It works like a hot-damn!!