Monday, September 28, 2015

Tips to help you get your work done at home. Think clean office... #amwriting

Whether you write novels, reviews, blog posts or short stories, you need to have a spot to do it all in.

This is known as your personal writing cabinet, or your writing space.

Some people work from home, and have an office or desk space just for them. Wherever you work, the environment will greatly impact your writing productivity, creativity and inspiration.

Writing is time-consuming and energy-zapping, whether you work from home or not. This is why having an organized workplace is essential. It will make you feel more positive during your working day.

OmniPapers provides a great infographic with a full cheat sheet for writing workplace organization, so you become more productive. Now you just have to figure out a place to start, and these three tips will help with that.

1. Get your desk organized

A desk for your working is important, and you should have a number of items on there to help make your workplace more effective. These include stickers, live plants, green tea (no, not coffee) and good light from a lamp. You may not notice at first, but they really will influence your tasks.

2. Invest in a good computer

All-in-one computers are great since you don’t have wires to worry about. There are pros and cons to desktop computers, laptop and tablet computers.

3. Keep your cabinet organized

Have two zones in your writing cabinet for computer and non-computer tasks. Consider different wall colors, as they impact productivity, and also make sure your comfort and health are put first. With everything working together and good writing workplace organization, your creativity will know no bounds.

These great tips were shared by Emily Johnson whose posts are informational and interesting. 

Emily Johnson, content strategist at OmniPapers blog, loves the writing process. She is a writing coach who shares tips and tricks to help others improve their writing skills. You are always welcome to contact her on Twitter.


  1. Mimi, many thanks for publishing.
    It looks great!

  2. I had difficulties writing a literature review, maybe because I did not have a personal writing cabinet... Thank's for you tips.