Friday, September 4, 2015

How many ways can we get a reader to pay attention? Hellooo – new book here!! #Giveaway

#12 Facebook Events, Thunderclap, Headtalker, Giveaways and Rafflecopters
I bet you think all this is overkill. Right?


If you’re one person and trying all these different ways to get attention for your book, you’ll be hauled off in a pretty white jacket that has ties around the back - only your arms will be in them.  

But if there are ten or more of you in a box collection, it’s not that hard. Of course, as I harped… I mean mentioned before, you need everyone on board. I repeat… yada yada yada…

The Facebook Event  - can be a lot of fun. When we had ours, we hired BPiC to look after us and keep the event moving along. Each of the authors had a slotted time where we could promote our own books, give away prizes such as jewelry or free books and interact with our readers in a fun way. 

It was not only a benefit to sales, but every last one of us ended up with new Facebook friends and a lot of likes on our fan page. And… because we were giving away freebies, I’d set up a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate for anyone who would sign on to my newsletter, I ended up with close to 100 new subscribers.  Now that was sweet!!And remember, everyone is bringing new readers to the page – their own invited fans and friends – so it’s a nice for you to socialize and maybe score new readers.

Thunderclap $10 and Headtalker Free - This is up to you whether you want to go to the trouble or not. In case you don’t know what they are, both are sites where you can sign up a special tweet that advertises your book. Once you have the required number of people who have signed on to support you, (they’ll need to okay the tweet for their twitter page or have it appear on their own Facebook, LinkedIn or Tumblr) then the barrage of posts and tweets will hit the streams on whatever day you’ve requested. There is one pre-requisite. You must have the necessary number of sign-ups. Headtalker is 50 and Thunderclap is 100. As you know, getting 100 people to support you can be a lot of work. For ten or more people, it’s nothing and so we naturally set them up. I kept thinking of all those followers of the 100 /50 people who would get to see the tweet but I’m not sure that it actually produced many sales. Anyway, the BPiC girls will arrange this for you if you ask them and pay the small fee. Hint: there is a Thunderclap Facebook page that is a lot of help where you can get support as long as you give your help to others. And I also used the hashtags #thunderclap and #headtalker and picked up a lot of help from those twitter streams also. But for a single person, nah!! It’s probably not going to pay off.

Giveaways - In Summer Fire we had signed on to do a number of Giveaways. And these were at our own expense. Some of the Giveaways were cross-promoted and they worked well. They were set up on Facebook and individual blogs. We just typed up a blurb, set up the prize, added an image showing the collection and posted it on a certain page where everyone would go and share. My problem is that my images were childish in comparison to many of the others but I guess the readers didn’t care. Was it worth it? Not sure. But the book got lots of exposure.

Rafflecopters - These were mainly used on the blogs and through the book tours. Not a fan of these – mostly because I can never seem to set one up properly. Again, we had the BPiC girls looking after them so they worked well.

Facebook Ads – Now these are really worth your while if you know how to make them work. I’ve seen some people spend a fortune for a very small return on their investment. But we had a genius who helped us out with the ads, and though he’s expensive, we found it was worth every penny. He charges $125 for his work in creating the ad and then you still have to pay for the ad itself. Someone who knows what they’re doing on Facebook ads can get you a lot of sales. (I recently tried a Twitter Ad also, and it paid off. I was just playing around and spent very little but it’s something to look into.)  But… I digress. We didn’t do twitter ads for the collections.
Near the end of the week, when we had to get those sales ramped up for Summer Fire, we all put out $50 Facebook Ads and those of us who weren’t knowledgeable  were helped by some of the girls who knew what the heck they were doing. I guess 20 authors all flooding Facebook with the same book collection made an impact. That day our sales jumped a lot. Probably was what took us over the line.

***Next post – the need for Reviews.

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