Thursday, August 6, 2015

#9 Social Media Campaigns - Now this is where you COULD rule. Dammit - I said could!

#9 Social media campaigns – are hugely important and it’s where the bulk of the work comes in for the rest of the authors rather than just the chief. She needs to be able to rely on everyone kicking in at this point. That compelling cover needs to be seen by as many people as possible and multiple times so they finally make the decision to push the buy button. Needless to say, you need worker bees.

Okay! I can’t ram this home strongly enough.

Think about it. If you have 20 authors who have an average of between 2 – 4K followers each (for the benefit of this post we’ll say 3K) which adds up to 60,000 followers, the number is overwhelming. We’re not even discussing retweets. For Summer Fire, we had a hashtag #SummerFire which most of us added to each tweet and the possibilities for retweets were endless.

And let’s say they all have 600 - 800 likes on their Facebook pages and 500 friends on their home pages, which - in reality - is probably a very small amount. Think about the reach those numbers could have. We all know FB doesn’t allow every one of your likes or friends to see each post but it still has enormous potential… right?

But… that’s only if every single one of those authors actually puts out those posts and tweets and then shares and retweets and keeps up that social media thrust for the length of the time they need to in order to get the numbers of sales to hit the list.

Unfortunately, though it sounds fantastic, it’s really a dream.

Many of the people in the group don’t bother much with Facebook or twitter. They’re busy with their daytime jobs, their families and trying to get a few words written every day while at the same time cleaning off their multitude of e-mails.

Others, might put out one or two tweets periodically, and might even schedule a list of tweets if someone else writes them up and sends it to their inboxes.

Still others will set up a few Facebook posts, maybe even put them on the various groups like Titan Author Book Promotions (14,779  members),  Books (19,946 members)  or  Creative Designers (340,348 members) where they have a huge number of members to get more eyes on the advertisements but certainly not all twenty authors will be doing this equally. It would be phenomenal. Sadly, it didn’t happen.

We had organized events like a Facebook party, a twitter bash, release blitz where more of an effort was made but nowhere near the amount that could have been done. In fact, I doubt a lot of writers even go to these lengths for their own books.   

If you can get a group of authors together who are dedicated to doing these social media tasks throughout the whole time, the sky’s the limit! And...I only mentioned two places out of a possible....heck I don't even know all the numbers.

When I think of the potential…it makes me tingle!!!!

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