Monday, August 17, 2015

#11 Release day hype - Blogs –blogs and more blogs!! @BPiCpromos

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

#11 Release day hype – is something that needs to be well-planned and worked toward with a kind of frenzy to get the pre-order buyers excited for their new collection and the others willing to jump on the same band wagon of those who already bought. A lot of giveaways will be made around this time. (Original post on June 18, 2015)

Now the work gets interesting! You’d almost think most of it had been done. After all, you’ve worked hard for the last few weeks, even months, to get that damn book released.

Not so. This is when you really kick in. And one way to do that is through the blogosphere. Don’tcha just love that word? Understand one thing; there is a world full of bloggers out there who have the potential to reach virtually thousands of readers. So ignore the power in that group to your detriment.

For the Brides collections, we chose to buy a Release Day Blitz / Facebook Event  (Special - $100 - New Release Blitz + 3 Hour Facebook Release Party) with a wonderful group called Book Partners in Crime and they took care of everything. Because they are popular and well-respected, they have a number of bloggers on their list, many of who are willing to give a review also.

It’s always been a positive experience with these girls (Margaret and Delene) and so we choose them over so many others. For an extra $10, they will also set you up with a Headtalker and Thunderclap promo to help get the word out even more. (Will cover these tomorrow)

Through the blitz, we normally get a list of 40 – 50 blogs and / or Facebook sites who will post our news. Since the post itself is set up by the BPiC ladies, it is professionally done and looks wonderful. I’ve added the page on my blog "Believe" of one of the posts they did for us on our last release Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys.  You’ll see that they have a section about the book, plus each of the authors, and there is a place where reviews can be added for those who chose to write one. In my mind, those bloggers who do so are angels and well-loved by us authors. Unfortunately, many of us forget to go and tell them so.

Therefore, the brides make it a rule that a few of us must go to every one of the blogs, share their social media buttons to get the blogger more exposure for her posting about our book  and leave a comment to thank them. Every time I’ve done so, there’s already a comment left by one of the BPiC ladies who’ve already shown their appreciation. Now that’s class!

Also, each of the authors should write a generic blog post about her own book in the collection and put it in a file on your yahoo loop. That way, any one of the other authors can grab it at any time while promoting the set and post it on their personal blog. That’ll get the word out also. With twenty authors, the reach is phenomenal - but it takes time and effort... and everyone willing to do their part. The social media buttons are there for all to share making the chore easy and fast.

***Hint***If you feel that you’re not getting enough traffic on your blog to make this action worth your while, you might want to look into working with Triberr to increase your numbers.

***Facebook Events, Thunderclap, Headtalker, Giveaways and Rafflecopters –next post!!

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  1. You and your blog are such a huge help to those of us learning the ropes, Mimi!
    Thank you so much,
    Jacquie Biggar

  2. Glad I can help and just so you know, if you need any one-on-one, I'm just an e-mail away XO

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out, Mimi! We've loved working with you as well as all the other authors in the Brides box sets - it's been our privilege to help you spread the word!

    1. You've been wonderful to work with and you've made our job so much easier XO