Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#10 Paid Promotions - Put your money where your dreams are!! #NYTimes #USAToday

#10 Paid promotions – will make or break your chances of hitting the lists. It’s the area I consider that is the most important to benefit the collection. There are a huge number of places willing to take your money but they need to be set up in such a way as to keep the traction high on the final week. If you have someone who knows the owners of these promotional places and can set up your anthology before it’s even released on pre-order, then you have a shot at the number of sales it will take you to make it big. You cannot wait until you have the live links for the different venues (unless you put the book out on pre-order months in advance and then you may jeopardize the reader making the decision for not wanting to wait so long. Once she/he says no to it once, it’s easier for them to do so again.) This is where ‘who’ the authors are comes into play. Well-known names have a lot of fans willing to wait to get a hold of their next book – of course that’s only if it’s brand new.)
(Original post on June 18, 2015)

This area will take the most effort for your box collection (and for that matter - any single book you want to push to the lists too.) It has to be started a couple of months before the release day and whoever is in charge of setting up these promotions needs to be on top of them.

For instance, unless you’ve decided to go for a long pre-order, and to tell the truth, I’m not sure if all the venues are allowing that now – they didn’t at one time but things may have changed recently - then the person organizing this marketing campaign will have to write to these venues and ask to reserve certain days on the first week of the book’s release. Without live links, filling in the regular submission forms can be impossible.

I’ve made it a point of being on good terms with the owners of these advertising sites and I write to each one of them with a request to give us a spot on the day I’ve set up on my chart. They will do so knowing the links will have to be sent on later. These folks are wonderful and try to be as helpful as possible. After all, it’s their business and they like knowing they will be advertising a new collection that has the potential to hit one of the lists… or God willing….both.

I usually send them a copy of the cover; explaining that the authors are mostly New York Times or USA Today Best-sellers and that we will have our street teams and beta readers posting reviews on the day the book is released. They know that the book will be popular, a great deal at 99cents for a bundle and since our covers are always done professionally, they have no problem agreeing to my request.

I always offer to fill in their forms with a bogus Amazon link (usually my author page) so they will get payment at that time. It actually makes me feel better knowing I’ve done the submission since I then have the paperwork to fall back on in case of a problem. And, it’s one more job I don’t have to follow up on. As you can imagine, this procedure can be a bit mind-blowing, trying to keep everything organized. I admit to using colors on my spreadsheet so I know exactly which ones I’ve written to and if they’ve reserved the spot and who has or hasn’t been paid, etc.

Since these venues get the best results, it stands to reason, that they’re the ones that need to be booked well in advance because they’re filled up for months. I try and have these sites promote the book on the first few days after it’s released to keep the numbers up after the pre-order sales boost.
In fact, I space them each day with some of the lesser ones. An example of day one would look like this:

Kindle Nation Daily (Option A FB Triple play) with Book Gorilla
e-Reader café - book ahead
Book Sends - filled in form for Reader IQ also – needs to be on Day 1 as he won’t promo something that’s been advertised within 90 days
Kindle Books & Tips
Digital Book Today (Deal of the Day)
Book Goodies
Book Deals Daily

The first couple show in red to remind me that I need to book them well ahead.

As the release week proceeds, I sign up the sites who don’t have the best reach. They costs less and aren’t a guaranteed result. But, the more places that send out your book, the better chance you have of getting those sales. Also, these cheaper venues are the ones I book just a few weeks before the release and can be done once the links are available. That makes them a lot less hassle.

You’ll find some places that refuse your submission unless the book has a certain number of reviews… which of course is impossible if the book hasn’t yet been released. Most will waive that rule if you write and explain. Still others have a place on their forms where you can show that’s it’s a new release. If they still won’t take you, it’s their loss.

Another thing I've noticed is just how much the costs have gone up from one collection to another - we're talking a matter of months. Since I've always kept track of what each promotion costs, it shows up pretty darn fast when I copy the last spreadsheet to use again. It's a bit scary...!!

Okay - as you can imagine, this job is a huge undertaking and can boggle your mind. Sharing it with another might work best but then you'll have to split the budgeted money so it goes to two places. As long as whoever's in charge is methodical and follows through, it works just fine.

***I’ll be happy to send a copy of the full week’s spreadsheet with all the links, etc to anyone who leaves a comment with their e-mail address. All I ask is for you to add your name to my newsletter list (see right side panel). Just so you know - I’m so dang busy, my newsletters only go out when I have such good news, I can’t help but share.

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