Sunday, July 26, 2015

#6 The Title - So what's such a big deal? One title's as good as another! Sure... #NYTimes #USAToday


#6 The tittle – again you need to get everyone offering suggestions and then take the best five and do a poll. Otherwise, this discussion can go on for far too long and create a deluge of unnecessary e-mails – and trust me on this – the authors start zoning out if they get overloaded in this way. They neither have the time nor the patience. (Original post on June 18, 2015)

What comes first the cover or the title? We did the cover first and then the title (I think?) Nah…it must have been the other way around….maybe. For Summer Fire, It had all been organized by the time I’d come on board.

Personally, I’ve always come up with titles for my books while I was writing them. – many times before I’d even start. But when it comes to a collection for a group of authors, I guess it can go either way. All I know is that you must get it resolved quickly.

And… it can be one of the hardest arguments to settle. Since it’s important, I guess it should be. After all, everyone will be wearing it for as long as the book is for sale.
In Summer Fire, I think they made a good choice…especially the added on bit of 'Love When it’s Hot!' That was a direct jab at what the readers could expect in the collection and the authors didn’t disappoint.

The organizers were also going after those that had summer plans and might take along one book as their holiday read. With twenty new novellas to choose from, this was the perfect summer-time treat. And remember, there was a lot of competition. We needed to stand out.

Planning those small details are important and can give you that extra boost in sales. Therefore the title definitely can make a difference to what catches the buyers’ attention.

For example, if it’s a Christmas set you maybe don’t want to just depend on the cover to get that across. If you have some kind of hint in the title that it’s a seasonal special, it can only make the title stronger. If the holiday is secondary to the novel like my last Christmas book called Special Agent Finnegan, then having a festive suggestion on the cover should be enough.

So, take your time, get it right and then please go for a strong font when it’s in the finished product. It matters. Big Time!!!

Have you seen books where you had to strain to figure out what the title was? I think we’ve all been through that scenario…

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