Sunday, July 19, 2015

#5 The Cover – This is the face of the book. Is it important? You bet your sweet… ahem… it is! #USAToday

#5 The cover - was important. It needed to show the readers what they could expect on the inside – the flavor of the books – and Summer Fire’s cover did just that. Most of the stories are explicitly sexual and it was certainly obvious when one looked at the naked chest of the male body on the front and the words “Love when it’s Hot!” printed on the side. If a few of the people in the group can make/organize a couple of covers – it’s best to hold a poll and get it decided quickly. Covers can be a huge argument if it isn’t nipped in the bud with majority rules. Original post June 18, 2015. 

I’ll only say this once. The cover is HUGE! It catches the eye of a potential buyer and it should tell them something of what to expect when they begin reading.  I’ve personally bought a book just on the cover and the title alone – didn’t check inside. Sometimes, I’ve kicked myself but many times it delivered. When it does, I go back and buy another from the same author.

As you all know the Summer Fire cover was explicitly sexual. Which should have twigged for me - that the books in the collection were also of an erotic nature. But I knew some of the others in the set and I also knew they didn’t normally write sexy and so I blithely went along with my sweet little novella Big Girls Don’t Cry, and submitted it.


When the set was finally delivered to my Kindle after it was released and I got to read the first few books, I was stunned. They were fabulous – don’t get me wrong – those girls can write! But they were not sweet little stories. On the contrary! I think some of the readers will be disappointed in mine but then again, it is a lovely romance and just maybe a few of them will enjoy a “heat” break!

I was in a group a while back where the cover became a huge argument. All Indie authors have had the control over their covers and most know exactly what they like and want and can visualize the end product (of course with their own story in mind). When it doesn’t come up to their expectations, then they will have something to say. This type of an argument can be a breakdown in goodwill and can start the whole process off on a bad foot. People can’t help but take sides. Everyone has an opinion and it can get nasty. In our case, thankfully, it didn’t. We worked through it and came up with the cover we all liked. Needless to say, not only did it have the authors upset, the process of choosing took a fair amount of time.

So… if I was to be in charge of a box collection, one of the first things I’d do is get two or three covers ready, do a poll and let the majority win the vote. 

In case you haven't noticed - the cover above is really different from the one we originally went with. I love the new one :-)

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