Friday, June 5, 2015

Is it kosher to brag about reaching one’s ultimate goal? Who cares – I did it!! New York Times Best Seller #SummerFire

If you haven’t already heard – with me telling everyone on Facebook and sending my news to all the groups I’m in – I want to share (brag) with you my friends on my blog, Believe. (This blog name now seems to be reflective of my mind set.) 

The other night I learned something fantastic and have been celebrating ever since. Just so you understand, to every author it would be equal to finding a winning lotto ticket.

An anthology called Summer Fire, a collection of twenty brand new novellas, with my story called Big Girls Don’t Cry being one of them, hit the New York Times list at #13 this week.

Phew – just writing about it makes me smile so hard, my face muscles get cramped. Guess I’ve been abusing them over the last 36 hours.

Truly, it’s like a dream. How could I, little Mimi Barbour, reach this pinnacle in a career that I started so late in life? I admit that I’ve worked harder than I ever have before. And trust me when I tell you – I’ve never been sloucher! But this job as a writer, marketing fool, promoter, editor, accountant, formatter, blogger, cover selector, social media pro, promotions expert and did I mention writer, has been the most time-consuming, intense abuse of every skill I ever possessed and many newly learned.

“Was it difficult?”

“Damn rights it was.”

“Was it worth it?”

“Damn rights it was.”

You might ask what’s next on the list. I mean – hitting the New York Times is pretty well the pinnacle.


Ahhh… But next time, I’d like it to make it alone – just one of my books or an anthology of just me! Yeah...

Aha! Another goal to work for…. We need those, right?

**Come back for the next post and I’ll share some of the secrets we used to make sure we were successful and hit both lists!!


  1. This is so exciting. My very best to you and congrats!!

    1. Thanks Sarah, it was a sweet moment for sure. Face muscles are cramped LOL!!