Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Collections #2 - Decisions have to be made? #cat-fight? #NYTimes

***Here's how Summer Fire made it to #13 on #NYTimes. It’s complicatingly simple. We worked our fannies off!! Maybe not everyone—all of the time—but we all kicked in some of the time. And with 20 authors making the effort, it worked.

2.  Decisions – should be made by the person in charge as to how many people they want to have as a part of the group. What type of a collection it will be – full-length books versus novellas or even short stories – and which genre. And…another important option is whether all the books should be brand new or already published work.

One of the positives about being a part of a group with an organizer is that a lot of the decisions have already been made. I liked that our lady knew how many people she wanted as a part of the collection. And when I first understood there were to be 21, I have to admit to being shocked. I thought the number unmanageable, and hard to control. But I was wrong. Having that many people just meant that we had a lot more influence in the social media arena. And since most of us were professional and had previous experience in collections, we understood our roles. 

On the other hand, she had to make sure that all 21 novellas were submitted in sufficient time for formatting. Unfortunately, one of the authors wasn’t able to make the deadline which meant a huge amount of work for the boss. It was now up to her to get the cover changed, make sure the existing memes were replaced everywhere and the book blurb rewritten for all the book descriptions on all the different venues, etc. But it was handled and the rest of us weren’t really affected too much. On the other hand, the boss suffered through this whole situation - bigtime!!

Another decision I admit to feeling relieved about was the book cover. I’m sure a few of the first girls involved in the set had some input, but by the time I had signed on, it was a go. And I was utterly relieved not to have to deal with the numerous e-mails dealing with this controversial issue. Trust me, authors can get very picky about a book’s cover - everyone has visions of what they like and it’s often difficult to get each person on board.

It had also been decided that only new novellas were to be used. Yes!!! I totally agreed that that would be a huge selling point. Another issue they had set in place was the genre. Truthfully, I didn’t understand that the book was to be as “hot” as it was. I had thought it was to be basically a Contemporary Romance. But, in the end, many of the stories were spicier than I had expected and… that was fine with me. My sweet little romance would either be ignored by the lovers of steam, or if read, might find me a few new readers who enjoy a character-driven plot with some sexual overtures but a closed bedroom door. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Getting more people to like your voice and want to read your work.

Once I had joined the group, I pretty well knew what was expected of me, the dates I needed to meet with my submission were set and there was someone in place to make sure it would all happen as planned. The fewer decisions I had to be involved in was fine by me. Even so – we did have numerous votes on smaller issues and they went by majority. And… I always felt that if I had any suggestions, they’d be heard and taken into consideration.

Our organizer sent us all the marketing plan she’d come up with and a list of numerous events we’d all be expected to take part in – some of which I’d never heard of before. To say I was overwhelmed would be putting it mildly. To say I was enthusiastic – yeah! I was. 

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