Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's so darn special about one little rosy bloom?

I just love my Camellia bush. Every year it blooms so beautifully but with one anomaly. I’m sure you've already noticed it, haven’t you?

Yes! It has one gorgeous rose bloom amongst all the other pale comparisons. At first, I just thought it a bit weird and shrugged it off. Then the next year when the same thing happened, it made me pay attention. Now every year, I look for it and it never disappoints.

Of course, being an author, I just can’t put it down to some prosaic explanation like strange things happen, or that’s just one of Mother Nature’s foibles. Not me! I search for deeper meanings in these kinds of occurrences until I find one that pleases me.

So – I look at that one beautiful little flower and my imagination takes over.

Let’s think of the flowers on that bush as a large group of people. Some are formed a bit better, some have more depth in their coloring and others are clumped together as if they need the support. Yet others have their leaves more tightly wrapped around them and are hiding from the direct sun, seeking the safety of the shade.

But not our little pink flower! Being unique, it stands out, right in front, showing off its specialness. The fact that it lasts longer than its neighbors is another plus for our small friend.

I’m feeling pretty happy with my analogy now. You see, we all know individuals who are like out little rosy bloom. They stand out from among their neighbors and friends. People who make a difference in their world and leave us happier for having known them. 

When I create my stories, I try and instill some of those same characteristics in my heroines and heroes. Develop them so they have strong personalities and are more interesting because of it. Make them human, yes, but also unforgettable.