Saturday, May 16, 2015

Two new books to feature from the Authors' BillBoard - both Free!! #mgtab

This weekend is an exciting time for Authors’Billboard - we have two new books to feature from our very own group.

A while back, I got this crazy-good idea of how to help promote our awesome authors. By collecting a chapter from each one of them from an existing book of theirs that they particularly wanted to advertise, they could work together in a joint effort. Then we would format these individual chapters, collate them and make box sets showcasing this work under one cover.

It would be a unique way for us to entertain the readers with excerpts so they could opt to buy the full book if they enjoyed the short teaser. Brilliant right? Then I found out it had already been done….darn!! Which didn’t make the idea any less brilliant; it just meant that we now had to make sure ours were as awesome. And we have!

Luckily for us, we have 30 authors in the group who wanted to participate. Half were contemporary romance writers that included western, historical and paranormal. We put their work together under the cover of Book Bites 1.

 Back Page Blurb: (Cover design by Pete Taylor)

Here is the sampler you need to help you decide on your next book purchase. The authors - USA Today and national best-sellers - are giving you just a taste of what's in store for you.  

Want to find new authors without it costing the earth? Try Book Bites #1. Fourteen romance chapters from fourteen USA Today and National Bestselling authors lets you try before you buy.

Travel the world during your coffee break or on your commute, from Africa to England and Iraq to Florida with doctors, military heroes, cowboys and cops in contemporary, historical and Civil War romance. Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone in Book Bites #1 from 

Back Page Blurb: (Cover design by Patricia Rosemoor)

Do you love stories of men and women falling in love against a backdrop of suspense and danger? Secret agents. Hidden identities. Lovers forced to revisit a dangerous past. Innocent women who stumble into murder. Long-buried secrets. Games of cat and mouse. If so, here’s an anthology for you. Book Bites #2 lets you sample fourteen heart-pounding romantic suspense chapters from fourteen New York Times, USA Today and National best-selling authors.
As you try before you buy, you’ll meet heroes and heroines at war with each other but forced to work together. A heroine on the run from an abusive marriage. A SEAL who promises to care for his best friend’s wife and baby. A heroine who dreams through others’ eyes. A werewolf and his partner on a perilous assignment. A woman falling in love with a man she suspects is a terrorist.

Whatever your taste in romantic suspense, there is something for everyone in Book Bites #2 from Authors' Billboard.

Therefore, we now have two books to delight you.

And the best part of all is that they’re both FREE on all Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Amazon. Please take advantage of our wonderful offer and get your sets today.

BOOK BITES 1                      BOOK BITES 2
Amazon  Kobo  B&N             Amazon Kobo B&N

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Hope you enjoy!!




  1. Super post, brilliant idea, great reading material! What's not to like. Thanks Mimi, my friend.

    1. Thanks, Patrice. They do look kinda sweet up there on Amazon. And they're taking off also. So glad :-)