Friday, May 15, 2015

Not much shocks me, but this lovely website has done it!! WOW!! @SusanHorsnell

Today I got the surprise of my life. Some time back, I had approached Susan Horsnell to be a guest on her blog, Easychair Bookstore, and she signed me up.

But… it was so long ago that I forgot about the commitment. Then on Tuesday, Susan e-mailed to remind me and invited me to send her all my books - including their links and blurbs.

Shocked, I quickly replied and mentioned that I had over 25 books. Was she serious? Did she really want them all?

She answered by saying yes – or as many as I wanted to send.

Whoaaa!!! I felt the walls closing in. Just thinking about the amount of work it would take to collect everything made me hesitate.

Terribly busy with three box collections on the go, one I’m the promoter for, a new novel that should be finished and is only one-quarter written plus the new Authors’ Billboard site getting ready for the upcoming weekend sale, I almost blacked out.... I mean backed out! 

Thank the good Lord I didn’t. Knowing that I have all my links organised on a word document that would be very easy to edit, I made up my mind to take a couple of hours out of my busy day and make the effort. Another thing that made the job easier was having all my books uploaded to Pressbook. Going to each book and copy and pasting the blurb to add onto the word document went faster than I thought it would. All that was left was to send her the covers, my photo and bio. And again, I have them all filed in a word document and easy to access.

Surprisingly, in a short time, I had gathered the pertinent info and sent it to her. Then a little while ago, she advised me that the site was live and I could go and see for myself.

Not much shocks me but this GORGEOUS page did just that…in a good way. A really good way! Susan has made all my books look beautiful and I’m so grateful.

Please go over and see what I mean. Easychair Bookstore.
Isn’t it wonderful?


  1. The site looks great. Susan does a great job :) After reading this, I went over, asked about getting my books approved, and lickety-split she answered and already loaded them up in the romantic suspense and anthology columns. Thanks for the heads up on a terrific new reader site, Mimi.
    Jacquie Biggar

    1. You're so welcome, Jacquie. I hope she gets a lot of traffic. All that were missing for me were her share buttons :-)

  2. Wow!! This is really awesome - Mimi, you are so organized xoxoxox

  3. Lovely site, and all of your book covers look fanatastic! Congrats on being in the "author spotlight."

    1. Thanks Linda. I've never been treated so professionally and to tell you the truth, I really don't care what her Alexa ranking is :-))))