Thursday, May 21, 2015

My 101-year-old fan, Norris Smith, has surfaced and… blessed be… he’s still going strong.

Norris Smith

I am one happy lady right now. Recently I heard back from my favorite fan, Norris Smith. If you go to the original blog I wrote about him on April 19, 2014 you’ll understand my connection with Norris and how much this wonderful old man means to me.

His daughter wrote to say that Norris celebrated his 101st birthday and was still going strong. I was elated because I had lost my website e-mail that had all their particulars and I thought I’d lost touch forever. I must admit that I wore a silly grin all day. And I felt a lightness of spirit that comes when all’s right with the world.

Just think, 101 years old and still reading. WOW!! We all know that wisdom comes with age, right? Ha! You know where I’m going with this, don’tcha? And you’re right. I can’t help it. Just think - this wise old man likes books… my books. For me - that’s a beautiful thing.

I’ll admit I've wondered about the romance threaded into the suspense. I'm glad it doesn't seem to bother him. Come to think of it, he probably gets kick out of the sassy heroines and their hero counterparts who aren't all macho males that think women should be their underlings. It’s true; they’re strong men, but guys with heart and humor. I bet he relates.

Norris has been known to have called, Special Agent Finnegan, a real barn burner! What better compliment could a writer have? Now, whenever I'm writing and think my story might be sagging, I remember that remark and realize I have to create more conflict and keep the plot moving. Thank you, Norris XO

I wanted to write this blog as soon as Lucille contacted me but I waited until the cover for the soon to be published book #3 for Undercover FBI Series was finished. I knew Norris would get a kick out of seeing it.

Special Agent Maximilian - twin brothers who never knew the other existed. Until one day…

***Just so you know, I’ll be sending his daughter Lucille, a link to this blog so if you want to send this wonderful old gentleman a small note in the comment section—to say hello—I know he’ll be thrilled.


  1. Happy birthday, Norris! You sound like the perfect fan to have, and you raised a wonderful daughter to share your joy.

  2. Birthday wishes hurtling towards you from New Zealand, Norris!

    And may there be many more xox

  3. Wow, Norris--way to go! I hope to be reading and writing novels when I'm your age. You got this far...apparently ya done good! Congratulations on another year--may it be blessed and full of joy!
    From Author Carole Avila in sunny Ventura Beach, California

  4. Happy birthday to a very special guy, I'm sure you are a hero to many in your own right!
    Jacquie Biggar

  5. Happy Bithday, Norris! Wonderful to hear you are still enjoying Mimi's wonderful books.

  6. Happy Birthday Norris
    It sounds to me like your really know how to live. A good book in the hand and a gentle heart. May this year be your best ever.
    Jo-Ann Carson

  7. Happy Birthday, Norris! Keep reading and enjoying life.

  8. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Norris! I believe the gift of a great book keeps us all connected and young at heart. So, we are blessed to have Mimi and her wonderful books in our lives.

  9. Thank you ladies for taking a minute and wishing my friend Norris good wishes. I'm adding mine wrapped in a big hug XO

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday! How wonderful that you are a fan of Mimi Barbour's books! She is a super author. Hope that your day was ultra special. Congratulations!