Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SUMMER FIRE - Love when it's hot!! & Love the price, #99cents for 20 new novellas!!

Summer Fire: Love When It's Hot
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2015

20 ALL NEW Contemporary Romance stories by New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling authors.


Love when it’s hot? So do we. Especially when we’re writing about gritty alphas, angsty bad boys, sizzling attraction, and unrequited passion. So loosen your buttons, turn the fan to oscillate and join us for this steamy, groundbreaking bundle of summer tales that are hot hot hot. 

Sizzle Spies - Gennita Low

Lola and Jake, fall hard for each other. Is their love strong enough for one assignment that would risk everything? 

Sinful - R.J. Lewis

Two different people from two different worlds find their lives colliding in the most sinful way. 

Summer Storm - L. Wilder

VP Guardrail's life has always been his MC club. It's up to him to fix a wrong, but he wasn't expecting Allie to take him by storm. 

A Season in Gemini - Victoria Danann

The first time sexy biker, Brant Fornight, saw Garland St. Germaine, he knew she was going to turn him inside out. And she did. 

Solstice Burn - Kym Grosso

Love and temptation flare in a tropical paradise. When Chase rescues Penny, she learns to embrace her inner fantasies. 

Sun Burnt - Cat Miller

Kesslyn inherits a ranch, but the city girl is unsure she's up for the challenge. Can her sexy foreman rope her into staying forever? 

Big Girls Don’t Cry - Mimi Barbour

He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man. And she’s nothing like the girl she wants to be. Something’s gotta change… 

Killer  - Clarissa Wild

Secrets could kill you. He murdered her husband. She’s the prime suspect seeking justice. Only one of them can win. 

Rodeo Romance - Teresa Gabelman

Jake McCabe had one rule. Never date a client. Trisha Summers had a new rule. Never date a man again. Rules were meant to be broken. 

Irish Kisses - Helen Scott Taylor

Ten years ago he said he loved her, then he left and broke her heart. Now he's back, and he wants her again, but can she trust him? 

Sweet Surrender - Victoria James

Cade showing up on her doorstep is not what Julia wants-but this bad-boy is back and ready to convince her that this time is forever… 

Husband for a Week - Mona Risk

A Sicilian vendetta, a fake husband, and a matchmaking grandmother complicate Jonathan and Isabella’s lives. Can love conquer all? 

A Man for Hire - Patrice Wilton

Jordon's ex-boyfriend is bringing home a bride. To save face she hires a hot guy for the weekend. Sparks fly--can this be love? 

My Mile-High Mistake - Linda Barlow

Six years ago, she yearned for her sexy, forbidden high school teacher. Now she can't resist his temptation at 35,000 feet. 

Heat Lightning - Joan Reeves

Her husband found her, claimed her, rescued her. His touch makes her throb. Her body knows him, but she remembers nothing about him. 

Tan Lines and Salty Kisses - Danielle Jamie

Becca and Parker have a second chance at summer romance. The spark is hotter than a Georgia July. Can it withstand news of his secret? 

Someone Exactly Like You - Terri Marie

Cameron Barron's plan was solid. A few lies, a disguise, and an apology to Chastity Newberry… What could possibly go wrong? 

His Promise - Lorhainne Eckhart

A love they thought would last forever. A promise forgotten. Until one summer night. 

Summer Rhythm - Brandy L Rivers

Doug never could resist Chloe. She always runs. Will this time be different or is their summer rhythm destined to repeat. 

Anchor  - Nicole Blanchard

I thought it was a weekend from hell, until he showed me a little piece of heaven. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Big Girls Don't Cry - nobody listens! New Release by Mimi Barbour #SummerFire

***I'm ecstatic to tell you about a new box collection I'll a part of when it's released on May 26th. It’s called SUMMER FIRE.

This journey with 21 others (to begin with and recently went to 20) has been hectic and demanding. But what a learning curve! There are so many swell writers out there and it's always nice to work with them and get to know them better.

One major difference in this set is that everyone had to write a brand new novella, one we can't publish singularly until some time after the release of Summer Fire. The way, the readers will be getting never-before sold work by fantastic writers. 

We were all interviewed by Joan Reeves, one of the others in the set, and I wanted to share this with you. 

Amazon   B&N   iBooks   Kobo

What was the inspiration for your story in the Summer Fire Box Set?

My story for the Summer Fire collection is called Big Girls Don’t Cry. Ever since I experienced a ride in a mirrored elevator and wished the designer to perdition, it was a book I wanted to write. I began thinking about what would happen if a big girl lived in an apartment building and had to look at herself every day. Of course, my mind took off and I could picture this gorgeous hunk moving into the same building, which would mean she’d want to entice him. Well, first she’d think of making herself more attractive… After that, the story wrote itself.

What's your book in the Summer Fire Box Set and how does it represent your style or your brand?

Big Girls Don’t Cry represents my brand because of the characters I created. I love writing memorable people who have to deal with important issues.

First, we have Remi Calder - a big girl who has a lot of self-confidence in her work as an accountant and in her hobby as a home designer. But, she’s ridiculously clumsy around men and situations that make her nervous. Which of course means - she’s a bungler around our Scottish hero.

Dr. Eadan Fleming – a man who’s had it with skinny, beautiful debutantes. He wants a nice girl from now on, one who will be happy to join him for a meal where he won’t have to watch her pick away at a chintzy salad. Oh oh!!!

Then to add a bit of conflict, we have Greta, an overweight teenager, who, because of the bullying she’s suffered at school, is ready to say ‘good-bye cruel world’.

As a bit of comic relief, Eadan’s brother, Graeme, shows up every so often. He’s that likable, I might have to write him his own story. I’ll let the readers decide if they want to read about his romance. **If you like the chap as much as I do, let me know.

Have you done box sets before? If yes, what appealed to you about being part of this collection? If you haven't been in another set, why did you choose this one?

Yes, I’m very fortunate to be able to say that I’m one of the ten brides for the Brides collections. (Ten Brides for Ten Heroes, Ten Christmas Brides and our soon to be released, Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys).We’ve been very fortunate in our following – our readers treat us wonderfully and we so appreciate them all. I guess because of my positive experience with those sets, when I was invited by Victoria Danann to join this bundle, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Also, I was told that all the books in this set were to be novellas. And… they were to be new, never before released. I liked that idea – very much.

How did you come up with the title of your novella in the Summer Fire Box Set?

As soon as I started thinking of the two females in the book as big girls, it was a no-brainer. And… it fit the storyline perfectly. I mean my girls stop crying and start doing. Now that is cool!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My 101-year-old fan, Norris Smith, has surfaced and… blessed be… he’s still going strong.

Norris Smith

I am one happy lady right now. Recently I heard back from my favorite fan, Norris Smith. If you go to the original blog I wrote about him on April 19, 2014 you’ll understand my connection with Norris and how much this wonderful old man means to me.

His daughter wrote to say that Norris celebrated his 101st birthday and was still going strong. I was elated because I had lost my website e-mail that had all their particulars and I thought I’d lost touch forever. I must admit that I wore a silly grin all day. And I felt a lightness of spirit that comes when all’s right with the world.

Just think, 101 years old and still reading. WOW!! We all know that wisdom comes with age, right? Ha! You know where I’m going with this, don’tcha? And you’re right. I can’t help it. Just think - this wise old man likes books… my books. For me - that’s a beautiful thing.

I’ll admit I've wondered about the romance threaded into the suspense. I'm glad it doesn't seem to bother him. Come to think of it, he probably gets kick out of the sassy heroines and their hero counterparts who aren't all macho males that think women should be their underlings. It’s true; they’re strong men, but guys with heart and humor. I bet he relates.

Norris has been known to have called, Special Agent Finnegan, a real barn burner! What better compliment could a writer have? Now, whenever I'm writing and think my story might be sagging, I remember that remark and realize I have to create more conflict and keep the plot moving. Thank you, Norris XO

I wanted to write this blog as soon as Lucille contacted me but I waited until the cover for the soon to be published book #3 for Undercover FBI Series was finished. I knew Norris would get a kick out of seeing it.

Special Agent Maximilian - twin brothers who never knew the other existed. Until one day…

***Just so you know, I’ll be sending his daughter Lucille, a link to this blog so if you want to send this wonderful old gentleman a small note in the comment section—to say hello—I know he’ll be thrilled.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Two new books to feature from the Authors' BillBoard - both Free!! #mgtab

This weekend is an exciting time for Authors’Billboard - we have two new books to feature from our very own group.

A while back, I got this crazy-good idea of how to help promote our awesome authors. By collecting a chapter from each one of them from an existing book of theirs that they particularly wanted to advertise, they could work together in a joint effort. Then we would format these individual chapters, collate them and make box sets showcasing this work under one cover.

It would be a unique way for us to entertain the readers with excerpts so they could opt to buy the full book if they enjoyed the short teaser. Brilliant right? Then I found out it had already been done….darn!! Which didn’t make the idea any less brilliant; it just meant that we now had to make sure ours were as awesome. And we have!

Luckily for us, we have 30 authors in the group who wanted to participate. Half were contemporary romance writers that included western, historical and paranormal. We put their work together under the cover of Book Bites 1.

 Back Page Blurb: (Cover design by Pete Taylor)

Here is the sampler you need to help you decide on your next book purchase. The authors - USA Today and national best-sellers - are giving you just a taste of what's in store for you.  

Want to find new authors without it costing the earth? Try Book Bites #1. Fourteen romance chapters from fourteen USA Today and National Bestselling authors lets you try before you buy.

Travel the world during your coffee break or on your commute, from Africa to England and Iraq to Florida with doctors, military heroes, cowboys and cops in contemporary, historical and Civil War romance. Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone in Book Bites #1 from 

Back Page Blurb: (Cover design by Patricia Rosemoor)

Do you love stories of men and women falling in love against a backdrop of suspense and danger? Secret agents. Hidden identities. Lovers forced to revisit a dangerous past. Innocent women who stumble into murder. Long-buried secrets. Games of cat and mouse. If so, here’s an anthology for you. Book Bites #2 lets you sample fourteen heart-pounding romantic suspense chapters from fourteen New York Times, USA Today and National best-selling authors.
As you try before you buy, you’ll meet heroes and heroines at war with each other but forced to work together. A heroine on the run from an abusive marriage. A SEAL who promises to care for his best friend’s wife and baby. A heroine who dreams through others’ eyes. A werewolf and his partner on a perilous assignment. A woman falling in love with a man she suspects is a terrorist.

Whatever your taste in romantic suspense, there is something for everyone in Book Bites #2 from Authors' Billboard.

Therefore, we now have two books to delight you.

And the best part of all is that they’re both FREE on all Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Amazon. Please take advantage of our wonderful offer and get your sets today.

BOOK BITES 1                      BOOK BITES 2
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Just so you know - we also have a huge sale going on at the 
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where you will find some of your favorite authors books 
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There are new releases also being featured 
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Come over and check it out for yourself. 
And please - feel free to share the link with friends!!

Hope you enjoy!!



Friday, May 15, 2015

Not much shocks me, but this lovely website has done it!! WOW!! @SusanHorsnell

Today I got the surprise of my life. Some time back, I had approached Susan Horsnell to be a guest on her blog, Easychair Bookstore, and she signed me up.

But… it was so long ago that I forgot about the commitment. Then on Tuesday, Susan e-mailed to remind me and invited me to send her all my books - including their links and blurbs.

Shocked, I quickly replied and mentioned that I had over 25 books. Was she serious? Did she really want them all?

She answered by saying yes – or as many as I wanted to send.

Whoaaa!!! I felt the walls closing in. Just thinking about the amount of work it would take to collect everything made me hesitate.

Terribly busy with three box collections on the go, one I’m the promoter for, a new novel that should be finished and is only one-quarter written plus the new Authors’ Billboard site getting ready for the upcoming weekend sale, I almost blacked out.... I mean backed out! 

Thank the good Lord I didn’t. Knowing that I have all my links organised on a word document that would be very easy to edit, I made up my mind to take a couple of hours out of my busy day and make the effort. Another thing that made the job easier was having all my books uploaded to Pressbook. Going to each book and copy and pasting the blurb to add onto the word document went faster than I thought it would. All that was left was to send her the covers, my photo and bio. And again, I have them all filed in a word document and easy to access.

Surprisingly, in a short time, I had gathered the pertinent info and sent it to her. Then a little while ago, she advised me that the site was live and I could go and see for myself.

Not much shocks me but this GORGEOUS page did just that…in a good way. A really good way! Susan has made all my books look beautiful and I’m so grateful.

Please go over and see what I mean. Easychair Bookstore.
Isn’t it wonderful?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's so darn special about one little rosy bloom?

I just love my Camellia bush. Every year it blooms so beautifully but with one anomaly. I’m sure you've already noticed it, haven’t you?

Yes! It has one gorgeous rose bloom amongst all the other pale comparisons. At first, I just thought it a bit weird and shrugged it off. Then the next year when the same thing happened, it made me pay attention. Now every year, I look for it and it never disappoints.

Of course, being an author, I just can’t put it down to some prosaic explanation like strange things happen, or that’s just one of Mother Nature’s foibles. Not me! I search for deeper meanings in these kinds of occurrences until I find one that pleases me.

So – I look at that one beautiful little flower and my imagination takes over.

Let’s think of the flowers on that bush as a large group of people. Some are formed a bit better, some have more depth in their coloring and others are clumped together as if they need the support. Yet others have their leaves more tightly wrapped around them and are hiding from the direct sun, seeking the safety of the shade.

But not our little pink flower! Being unique, it stands out, right in front, showing off its specialness. The fact that it lasts longer than its neighbors is another plus for our small friend.

I’m feeling pretty happy with my analogy now. You see, we all know individuals who are like out little rosy bloom. They stand out from among their neighbors and friends. People who make a difference in their world and leave us happier for having known them. 

When I create my stories, I try and instill some of those same characteristics in my heroines and heroes. Develop them so they have strong personalities and are more interesting because of it. Make them human, yes, but also unforgettable. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A beautiful box collection by @JackieWeger called "Setting up House" #eNovAaw

Just in time for summer! SETTING UP HOUSE is a collection of Jackie Weger's three most popular full-length novels packed with love and laughter and adventures of the heart. Three love stories about ordinary men and women hoping for safe haven, a home and hearth, someone to love and be loved in return and a bit happiness at the end of the day.

The House on Persimmon Road—Justine Hale moves her eccentric family into a house, rented sight unseen, in Alabama's rich delta land. Justine is flummoxed when she discovers the house is owned by a Civil War ghost with her own agenda.

Finding Home—Phoebe Hawley is as country as they come, but she's full of moxie and pride and on a quest to find her family a home in a tiny fishing village on the Gulf Coast. The earth tilts during the summer solstice. Phoebe is determined to put things right because family is everything.

The Reluctant Hero—Rebecca Hollis, tasked with finding homes for five orphans, finds herself battling the elements and worse—a lonely pilot who considers the lot of them the most irksome freight he has ever hauled in his life. 

Find this bargain-priced boxed set:

US Kindle        UK Kindle

Bringing you the best romance books available!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Darn it - why is it so hard to describe someone's eyes? Has it all been said before?

Below is my feeble attempt to be different...

Just released on Amazon!

“Hello? HEL-LO? Miss? Angelina, are you there? What the hell!”

Hearing the frustration in Joe’s voice shouting out in the dark helped her to locate the tricky, slippery object. The stupid thing was almost out of reach, and by the time she’d wiggled her fingers to coax it nearer, the fool’s voice on the other end was all but deafening.

Using his own words back on him, Angelina crooned, “Calm down, Joe. Don’t panic. I merely dropped the phone.”

First there was an electrified quiet, and then loudly, sarcastically, he answered, “Don’t lose the phone, girl. It’s our only means of communication at this point.”

Oh! He was getting to her!

“We’re working hard to get to you.”

Trust me–you are!

“If you get scared, call through to Emergency and they’ll link us up. Otherwise, try to stay calm and we’ll be there before you know it. We now have the floor plans and we’re clearing our way to you. We’ll have to shore up a lot of the weak places, and the stairs might take a while to clear out, but the first two floors aren't that badly damaged. Seems the top floor where you are took the worst of it.”

Cooling down, she answered in the same finicky, blunt tone as he used. “I understand. We’ll be here waiting.”

“Yeah! I kinda figured so. Stay calm. It shouldn't be too long.” Then he hung up.

In a bit of a nasty copycat whisper, she mimicked, “Stay calm, don’t panic.” Got it!

Guilt set in quickly. What was wrong with her? Her attitude stank, and it wasn't like her at all. She really did feel thankful knowing Dr. Joe was coming for them. He was her connection to reality and safety—even if he bugged the hell out of her.


Another hour of anxiety and discomfort passed, leaving Angelina dazed, dozy and thirsty. The noises of the workmen below were like a magical salve to her panic; that and the fact that the aftershocks were waning to short rumbles with no real force.

Finally, her phone rang again. This time, prepared, she answered without any mishaps.

“It’s me, Angel. How are things on your end? Did you feel the last couple of aftershocks?”

This gringo had a lot of nerve making free with her family’s pet name for her, the one she hated. She’d never met the man. On the other hand, he was her rescuer, and upsetting him at this time probably wasn't such a good idea.

“Yes, but they were relatively light ones, and changed nothing in here. I've not heard anything from Coralee for a while. I’m very worried. I keep calling, but she hasn't answered. Please hurry, Joe. I am afraid she’s hurt worse than she let on.” If he could call her by her first name, she could repay the compliment.

“We’re almost to her now. It won’t be long, you can bet on it. Hang in there, sweetheart. Be with you soon. Bye!”

Sweetheart? Was there no end to his audacity? The deep timbre of his voice zinged along her nerve endings, tantalizing them. Intrigued, she began to look forward to their meeting.

Sometime later, Angelina woke from a doze to the distinct sounds of the workers in action, filtering through the murkiness. She glowed as she heard Coralee chatting with her rescuers. Hearing their laughter brought immediate relief. It would be just a matter of time before they’d come for her.

Fluttery palpitations exploded in her chest. She wriggled her hands and took deep breaths. The anxieties she’d suffered throughout the ordeal had taken their toll. Bravery be dammed, she could relax now.

A longed-for voice came to her from the darkness, “It’s okay, Angel. We’re almost with you,” Joe reassured her.

Shaking out of a momentary stupor, she cleared her throat, and in a raspy voice answered, “Good,” and a few seconds later, “thank you.”

Another aftershock gave one last good shake as if to warn of the still powerful possibilities. It gentled at the exact moment Angelina looked up into a brilliant, riveting light. Like a doe caught in approaching headlights, the glow all but blinded her. The light moved closer, and then was raised so it stopped shining in her face.

“Hello, Angel.” A man smiled, white teeth gleaming in the dimness.

Joe, her savior in rescue gear, had the most wonderful piercing green eyes she’d ever seen beyond those of her grandmother’s rangy, slumming tomcat.

Her father might think she's an angel but she knows the truth!
Angelina Serrano is determined to prove to her two bossy brothers and especially her doting Papá that she not only has the skills, but the gumption to work with them in family accounting firm in Santiago, Chile. To do this, she makes a bargain with her father, that in two years, she will have opened her own firm in Victoria, Canada and paid off the majority of its debt. But what’s a girl going to do when two months before the deadline, an unforeseen earthquake, a sassy teenage runaway and a charge of theft are obstacles she’s forced to overcome. Top that with her meeting the most dangerous complication of all, a handsome Search & Rescue hero with cat-green eyes full of pure temptation and a tendency to screw up whenever he’s near her. After saving the man time and again, she’s wild for him only he’s skittish and proves to be her biggest hurdle.

Search & Rescue worker, Dr. Joe Davidson, has never had a victim save him before and the fact that this South American beauty comes through for him three times is a large burr in his backside. This Angel is no plaything like his other conquests but he’ll never be caught in the marriage trap like his five, hen-pecked brothers. If only he can stay away from her long enough so his disloyal body and the fierce hunger eating away his willpower will accept that she’s off-limits.