Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This is fun! The 10th occupation for the busy author! #amreading


The last on my list of the many professions successful Indie authors will have to be able to assume. Original post January 8th, 2015

     10.     Professional Reader – reading is extremely important to you now. Much more so than when you did it to be entertained. Oh those good old days! Now, your reading must include other’s blogs about the business, books on craft, editorials about the future we face and hundreds of e-mails to sort through in a day/week. And as everyone tells you – a good book by someone in the same genre who is already reached the golden heights of the New York Times and the USA Today’s land of success is a huge learning tool also.

This can be the fun part of the job or your worst nightmare. I personally have found myself praying that of the 200 or more e-mails I get every day (many Facebook and Twitter notices) that they aren’t going to make more work for me. I gotta tell you - I just loovvvee the delete button.

Then there’s our favorite blogs that can draw a person in, and for me, I have to check them out to see what’s new in the professional quagmire of constant changes. And… there’s always something that seems important to look into, learn about and find out if it affects me personally.  

Other types of reading that seems necessary is the writing or marketing craft books. Let’s face it – we can never be good enough, never stop learning about what others, successful in their careers, have used to reach their goals. And… every time I do get caught up in these types of books, there’s a huge list of to-do’s that one day I want to follow up on….laughing hysterically!   

Enough doom and gloom. Since we want to learn from others who are travelling along our path, it’s a pleasure to pick up a good book. Reading fiction written by others is not only a treat but a must. Consider it a learning tool. Nowadays, finding a good book published by one of my favorites is still a thrill.

Funny thing is, I can remember when I would be captivated by the first page, swallowed into the story and within the first chapter, if it was a really riveting, I’d be glued to the book, I’ll admit that, nowadays, I’m not as easily enthralled. I bring my knowledge of the craft unintentionally to my reading, darn-it anyways– and it takes a really good plot, well-written, to draw me in.

But when that happens, I’m in heaven... 

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