Monday, April 6, 2015

Author’s lament - what do I know about websites? #amwriting

Original post January 8th, 2015

We’re up to #8 in our list of different careers an Indie Author has to take on nowadays. (Correction – any author)

Website Manager – at the beginning of our journey, we were all told that having a website was one of the most important choices we could make when starting out. Having a blog was a preference but the website was a must.

I believe it’s true. In fact, I was also warned that blogs could be lost and I know that to be heartrendingly true because it’s happened to friends of mine.

But it won’t happen to a website. That is your storefront so to speak – the permanent office for your business. It’s your home base where readers and fans can always find you. Therefore it matters.

A lot!

I've had my website renovated recently and it’s become a very efficient place for folks to visit and find out about me. The Home page explains about my start as an Indie Author and my achievements since the beginning. Next is the About page with my bio and picture, which, by the way, I've never had professionally done. My husband was so proud of the photo he took of me; I didn't have the heart to replace it with one taken by a stranger. Following this is the most important page. My Book page listing all my work in the appropriate series, excerpts for most and here we've added all the links to the various venues to make purchasing easier.

The subsequent two pages News and Extras are pretty self-explanatory. I actually found it difficult to fill these spots and I know I need to make more of an effort…will do…one day! I will….!

Then bringing up the rear is the Contact page. Again, this needs to be kept up to date. You won’t believe how many wonderful people have written to me from this e-mail address that I only use in two places - on my website and in the back of my books.  So cool to open an e-mail from a reader who’s contacted me to say how much they loved a certain book. Precious!

Now that I've gone through the website’s structure (mine), I hope you can see how much information is available under one address. It’s great, right? But… someone has to manage it. I do everything on my blog, but for my website, I just couldn't face the learning curve and so I hired a webmistress called Rae Monet. She’s fabulous, efficient and so fast that I never have to wait long for my updates to appear.

Except… these updates have to be instigated by – you guessed it – ME!!! She only does what I ask her to do. It’s still up to little ole me what material shows up there and how it’s placed. I won’t even begin to delve into search engines and the likes or how to get your website in the forefront on Google. That’s a whole other post.

Just more chores for the overworked, underpaid, stressed-out Indie author to deal with!

You gotta love this job. No… really! You gotta love it!


Here's a sneak peak of my new cover for I'm No Angel that's just been released for Pre-order on AmazonWill tell you more about the book in my next post :-)

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