Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Facebook Events - do they work? More importantly, do you like them?

Do you get invitations to join these popular Facebook events? Do you accept them? I never have until I was forced to be involved. You see - I was one of the authors in a box collection presenting the party. We were all given hour spots that we were expected to host.

I dreaded it but, as you know, majority rules in these situations. The other girls knew what I hadn't understood.

That these crazy events are a heck of a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, my first experience was a nerve-wracking nightmare. I had no idea how to organize myself, how to pin a post or how to refresh a page. These are three very important steps you must understand if you want to have a successful party that you can enjoy.

Organizing is easy:

In a word document, compose the blurb you want to pin, so when it’s your turn to take the reins, all you need to do is copy and paste. In this write-up, make sure to welcome everyone. Tell them about the collection you’re advertising and then explain what it is you want them to do in order to win your prize. I usually ask for newsletter sign-ups but others want likes on their Facebook page or follows on Twitter, etc. Then ask them a question. For those who leave a comment, let them know what you’re giving away – a photo of the prize or book cover is needed here to catch the eye.

Pin the post:

See the photo above where the little arrow is clicked to open this box? It says “Pin to top” right? You click there. If it asks you to unpin the earlier post, say yes. Easy-shmeasy!

Refresh the page:

Again, this is simple if you know what it means. All I do is copy the url at the top of the page and then paste it in the same place or even just highlight it and hit enter. That will bring up the same page, which is what you want. You will have to scroll to where your slot is and most likely, you’ll have find where it says comments under the blurb and click on that or where see where it says other comments and that should open up all of the stream once again.

Hint: When I reply to comments, I always use # with the person’s name I’m answering. So they know I’m talking to them and I can see who I’ve answered and who I might have missed.

It’s true that this can get really hectic but golly is it fun! You’ll get to meet a lot of new Facebook friends who will then go to “like” your page and many will want to friend you also. Then there’s the ones who go to sign up on your newsletter, which a nice little bonus.

All in all, it’s a great way to spend an hour.

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  1. Great information. I refresh the page by using the refresh function on my browser. Just one click.

    1. Okay - what browser do you use cause I want one of them there buttons LOL!!

  2. Great post Mimi. As usual you're leading the way.

    1. Thanks Jo-Ann :-) You'll be coming right up behind me very soon :-) I have no doubt!!

  3. You make these sound fun and doable. I have to admit I liked the first couple I was invited but then it began to see more like a chore than fun. I've noticed a few other comments along the same way so I wonder if this hasn't been a bit overdone lately?

    1. Hi Pat - I know there are some folks already burnt out over these affairs. I guess I'm late to the party and still finding them a hoot! Hopefully, there are a lot of readers like me LOL!!