Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Editors – who needs them! They cost serious money… #amwriting

4.       Editor – this you can and should hire someone to do for you. But if you write badly, it will cost you wayyy too much. Therefore, you must learn to edit yourself first. (See blog post Jan 8th, What have I gotten myself into?)

I hope you understood what I meant by this comment. Because a huge error a number of Indie authors have made in the past and are probably still making is insufficient editing. I have been a culprit myself way back in the beginning and the reviews from the readers who caught me still sting. Not because they’re untrue—but because they are.

Before I explain, I want you to know, that anyone who thinks their work is “good enough” and they don’t need a professional editor is a fool. Not only are they gambling with their reputation, they’re taking a chance on losing a discerning reader who could be a potential fan and most important of all, they’re passing up the opportunity to learn from an expert.

Now that we've gotten that straight, let’s go back to my comment. When I said that you must learn to edit yourself first, it’s exactly what I meant and with the emphasis on the word “first”.  In our long list, this is the next occupation you have to take on in this career as an author.

If you’re one of those writers who like to zip through the first draft and not stop to make any corrections, then your work is obviously in sore need of a keen eye and lots of revision. This is where you come in. By the time you’ve finished the book and go back, you should be reading the beginning with fairly fresh eyes that can see the obvious mistakes easily.

Therefore, it’s up to you, the author, to revise the book to a level as clean as you can make it. Sometimes that means two, three and even four passes through the work to pick up all the corrections necessary. If that’s the case, do it!

In the long run, it will save you time later on during the editing stage. It can keep down the charges because some editors base their fees on how long it takes them on the corrections. And… the cleaner that manuscript is when you send it away, the better the chance you’ll end up with an almost flawless product.  

I say almost because I have two wonderful editors, a fantastic proof-reader and my own three passes through the material and there’s still times when someone I consider an angel will point out mistakes we've all missed.

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