Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are multi-author book collections a lot of work? What do you think?


Oh yeah!

I’ve taken on the job as promoter for the three collections I’ve been in so far and it’s an overwhelming amount of work. But… when the book is successful, it leaves one with a huge feeling of satisfaction. A couple of months (for some earlier) before the release date, I had to write to all the major promoters and ask them to hold us a spot on their sites without any reviews, live links, etc. and then make sure I followed through to send them the missing info when it became available.

All were helpful, supportive and worked with me so we’d be assured that our book would hit the big advertisers on the first week it was released. Very important!! Thank goodness that a couple of the girls assisted in setting up some of the other promos also. There’re just so many places out there nowadays, it’s hard to know which ones to use sometimes.

While I did my part, the others all took on different roles in making the book a success: formatting, Facebook ads and the big event, twitter blast, organising the publisher, working the cover, newsletters, blog posts etc, etc. There’s just so much to do.

In the first collection, Ten Brides for Ten Heroes, we realized a number of important things: Not everyone is as tech-savvy as the next guy. Not everyone wants to work as hard or… hasn’t the time to put in the same amount of effort. Not everyone is as hungry to make it as big a success as possible. And I don’t just mean the money. Our goal was always to hit the list. Don’t get me wrong, all our authors were wonderful writers and great girls, but some were just overwhelmed by the amount of energy it took. This was the collection that I considered as my formal education. Boy did I learn a lot!! There’s something about 10 minds all sharing experiences that makes it so easy to walk away with a lot more knowledge.

In the second collection, Ten Christmas Brides, we reformed the group, losing some and gaining others. This go around, we had a mixture with one main goal. This time we would make the USA Today list and we did – twice. Unfortunately, we believed that the New York Time’s list was impossible and that they weren’t looking at multi-author box sets anymore. So we were certainly satisfied with our outcome… and our sales. What struck me the most—how incredibly supportive folks were! We felt blessed and still do.

Now here I am again with a different set of fabulous authors in Hearts & Kisses. A 12-book, box collection for Valentine’s released Feb 10th. We’re pushing to our goals as hard as we can, all of us working together. All of us with the knowledge we gained from other bundles and most important, all of us having one heck of a good time in the process.
Did it pay off??
Oh yeah! We hit the USA Today's list this week and were all flummoxed. You see, the sales had been disappointing and so we hadn't any expectations. What we forgot to take into consideration is that the market always slows down in certain months and February happens to be one of those times. So... add that the item to the never-ending list of things to take into consideration when planning an undertaking such at this.

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  1. Great post, Mimi! I couldn't agree more! These boxes are a lot of work. Like you, I was so happy and surprised when Hearts & Kisses made USA Today. What joy! (And thank you, readers!!) One of the biggest pleasures of any box set undertaking lies in getting to know the other authors. I've learned so much from my fellow writers, and have made some great new friends! That, for me, has made my experiences with multi-author collections totally worthwhile. :)

    1. You are so right, Ginny. That's the best about the sets - meeting the other girls and getting to work with them. I sure hope we get to do this again sometime. XO