Thursday, January 29, 2015

The truth is - you must promote! Can you handle the truth?? #mgfpf

So, in my last two blogs I've tried to explain that you have to join Social Media and promote yourself and your work to gain readers... and therefore be financially successful. Sounds like a pat phrase, doesn't it? Like it’s so easy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Thankfully, as we all know, once a person makes up their minds to learn something new, it might take a few mistakes, a lot of “how-to” questions on Google and uTube, even begging for help from friends, but you will learn. (p.s. Google - has saved my bacon so many times when something makes no sense. Same with the videos on uTube. Use them – they’re wonderful tools!)

Next suggestion is to teach yourself as much as you can about the promo and social media sites you've decided to tackle. They've become very user friendly, so don’t over-think! Read the help sections, the rules and click buttons. Open everything you can find and become as familiar with the pages as possible.

Then once you've tackled the main sites, be active. The amount of time and energy you’re willing to spend will eventually pay off, so force yourself.

Now that you’ve gotten more familiar in this world, find yourself an small active group or start one yourself. I’m not just saying this because it sounds like a good idea; I’ve actually followed my own advice. A while back, I started a group called Mimi’s Gang. From the beginning, we decided to only invite members from the list of authors who worked together in the old days for the FreePartays.

Knowing that we wanted active people who were willing to work collectively with a “pass it on” attitude, I’m happy to tell you it’s working really well. I’m also sad to say, we've turned away many others who want to belong. But the rules were set and we all agreed they were necessary. A small, tight group will be much more effective and manageable.

Just so you know, we've formed under Author's Billboard, set up a Facebook Page (please like us if you come to visit), a Blog we all share. We’re promoting together on Pinterest and have had some success. We’re also organizing a Facebook event for Valentine’s Day. And I’m happy to say, most of our group are involved. We've set up a hashtag on Twitter #mgfpf so we can retweet each other’s tweets and that has been successful in finding all of us new followers.

Let’s face it, when you’re in a group, your exposure is multiplied in as many directions as your people take you and that is a heck of a lot more immeasurable than anything you can do yourself.

So… that’s it.

*** In case you haven't seen these wonderful promo lists, I'm including them here for you to check out!! 

Good luck!

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