Thursday, January 29, 2015

Social Media is a huge part of promoting! Yeah – whatever! #amwriting

You must get involved in Social media!!

I know most of you have been told this so often that you’re stomach churns every time someone tries to stick it down your throat. Things like: learn to tweet. Join Facebook. Goodreads is important. LinkedIn is growing. Pinterest is now #3 in the continually changing Social Media list. Instagram, Tsu, Triberr, and on and on…

If you're a person who is writing, or who has written a book and been a part of this industry for any amount of time, then I am absolutely certain that you’ve heard this ad nauseam.

And if you’ve ignored the rhetoric–stop fooling yourself.

You’re not ever going to be successful as a writer.

Now, I didn’t say you couldn’t be an author. Let’s face it, any person who writes a book can call themselves an author. But… if you want monetary success (and understand one thing - this is a business), then you have to play by today’s rules.

Even traditional publishers nowadays will want to know what you’ve been doing to brand yourself. What kind of a website you run and if you have a blog following. They’ve accepted that e-books are a huge part of sales and the only way for e-books to be seen is by those who are out there shoving them in front of the people who buy online. Those publishers might be willing to take a chance on an unknown who has a good book, if… they already have a powerful social presence and a good selling platform.

And…in case you don’t “get” it, if used correctly, social media can and will help you to sell your product. But, there’s a problem. Online, everyone is competing against each other for attention. It’s all about “Yah-hoo!! Look at me! See MY book! Buy me!” And many buyers are sick of it. In lots of cases, they’ve stopped paying attention. So what does one do?

I’ll tell you what I think (correction – it’s what I know). And this might be the best advice I have ever shared with you. Our readers have become more and more interested in the person who wrote the story. I’m not saying every single buyer wants to know all about the writer, but a lot the people who will support you through thick and thin, the ones who wait anxiously for your next book, they’re the people you can constantly rely on. And they do care. About you. They’re the ones who still sell your books in the old-fashioned method that has always worked - through word of mouth.

The only way I know of touching these people is not in groups, it’s person to person, one or two at a time. And this can take years. As you publish each new book, your audience will grow. Think of stones being thrown into a pool. The first is a tiny pebble and makes a small impact. But with each one you release, they become bigger and heavier until they’re large rocks that make a huge splash. Could take ten books, maybe twenty but as your readership grows, the impact does also.

Now you might say to yourself…where do I find these new friends?   

Aha! I know!! I know!!  

You got it!! On Social Media….

My second bit of advice is - do not wait until the book is finished. Until the time is perfect, you have a free month, you join a new group, your hair is longer….whatever?! Truthfully, the smarter newbies today have a huge platform of friends and followers all waiting anxiously for that first book. Those wonderful supporters will be much gentler than the masses and will stick with you as you grow stronger and become a better writer. So… find these people—now!


Next - one last post on working social media as a group!


  1. Amen, Sister. You've given the best advice any emerging author needs to hear and you've given it for FREE! Even we veterans need to get crackin' or we'll fade into the sunset. Thanks for caring, Mimi, much appreciated.

    1. I'm glad you got the message. It's a hard, cruel world out there in the land of books... LOL!!