Thursday, December 18, 2014

Was I terrifed about this review? Yes!! - Did I have good reason - Oh Yeah! Together for Christmas #amazon

Okay - I've admitted to being quite terrified about the review that Jennifer Douglas was to do for my very first Christmas story (my personal favorite) Together for Christmas. And, in my mind, I had good reason.

There were two things I wasn't aware of when I joined this Advent Calendar promotion:

1. The lady didn't normally read romances and that's exactly what I write.

2. She would video her reviews in person on UTube to speak about the books.

To start with, Jennifer did reviews for me on 3 of my other books. The first review she did was for She's Not You. In this appearance on UTube, she was very straight up about the fact that she didn't normally read romances and so reviewing them was a little difficult. Then she went on to say that on the other hand, she quite liked this story. It was here I learned of her preferences but since she was positive and complimentary, I relaxed.   

Maybe I shouldn't have relaxed quite so much. I don't think she was as taken with the second book she read, Loveable Christmas Angel. This is my very best seller of all my books and I think it's because it IS such a romantic novel. The fact that it takes place in Hawaii adds to it's allure and the characters of the prickly little boy and the old-man angel do seem to resonate with the readers.

Okay - no problem! I hoped the third book would get me back into her good graces and I think it did. She had lots of positive stuff to say about Special Agent Finnegan and had me walking on clouds once again.

Until I remembered that the fourth book is probably the most romantic of them all - but in a much different way. You see two spirits join together in one body and deal with the coming holiday season in a comic and emotionally satisfying way. But would she get it?

The self-professed, non-reader of romances?

The person who didn't really take to the fantasy in the angel story!

Oh boy - you think I had trouble sleeping that night when I knew she'd be releasing her review the next day??

What do you think? Let's just say I had bleary eyes, a yawning problem and fell asleep at my desk! (that's a bit of show - not tell LOL)

**Together for Christmas is available at most venues for your convenience:


Happy Holidays!

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