Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Is sharing the good stuff that happens to you REALLY bragging?

Nah! It’s good to share the peaks in one’s career as well as the valleys – right??
We all need to soak in the good times and reveal these highpoints in the same way we might want to warn friends about our mistakes so they don’t follow in our footsteps. As you all know, I’ve admitted my screw-ups on my blog many times in hopes that by reading what I’ve managed to mess up, you will bypass those crazy blunders yourself.
Well today, I just have to tell you about something I did right.
Earlier in the year, I came across a lovely lady, JenniferDouglas, a publicist who wanted to do an advent calendar in December on books she would review. Since it’s usually difficult to get honest reviews for our work, I was attracted to this concept and the idea of having my Christmas books read by a person with her qualifications really appealed to me.
So I contacted her and was pleasantly surprised at the cost and her welcoming persona. Months later, listening to this video, I am thankful that I found her and can’t say enough about her generosity and her professionalism.
And… she still has three books to go!!

Together for Christmas - Oh - oh! I wonder if she'll like fantasy/paranormal, spirit-travel plots?

Loveable Christmas Angel - Gulp! Maybe adorable angels aren't her thing??

Special Agent Finnegan - Okay - romantic suspense is usually a favorite - isn't it??

Okay now I'm nervous!

 And kinda excited!

 Watch this and see why….


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  1. Great review of She's Not You, Mimi. I am certain Jennifer will love your other books just as much. :)