Sunday, November 2, 2014

We did it!!! TEN CHRISTMAS BRIDES #USAToday #Best-seller #TenBrides


Oh yes we did!

Our book “Ten Christmas Brides” hit the USA Today’s list this week at #67. That’s out of 150 books.

We’re we excited???

Oh yeah!! Crazy, mind-blowing, brain popping ecstatic!

As you know, I have been promoting the book and it's authors now for some time. I didn’t go into any details of how much work it took to get us anywhere near this level of success. But trust me when I say, we all went above and beyond, and it paid off. Now we celebrate.

So, thank you my friends, for caring and hanging in there with me.
As you know the book is available on all the venues. And according to the rave reviews, the fans are loving their holiday treat of 10 novels full of Christmas romance.
only 99 cents

**As an added gift for our readers, we also published another free recipe book called the Ten Christmas Bride's 
Favorite Christmas Cookies

Please go and get your free copy now
and enjoy our special recipes with your family this season!


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